Saturday, October 20, 2012

Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant - Empire Hotel (Subang Jaya)

Arriving at Empire Shopping Mall with the two friends who returned for a holiday, the onus was on me where lunch should be. Having tried a number of eateries at this shopping mall, I suggested we should walk to Empire Hotel to see what's in store for us. Instead of the hotel buffet lunch, we agreed that Di Wei certainly will be a better option. A modern and stylish Chinese restaurant and featuring an abundant variety of items, we opted for Peking Duck, Tempura Fried Veggies, Fried Chicken Wing, White Fungus With Papaya and Steamed Custard Cake. 
Unlike the normal entrĂ©e of peanuts at most Chinese restaurants as a start, we were instead served with a plate of cucumber and pineapple salad. A reminiscent of pickled veggies, the salad was slightly tangy, sweet and spicy. I simply loved it and so did my friends. 
Before long, came the medium size dark brown roasted Peking duck, placed on a trolley for serving purposes. Skillfully carved by the waiter, the crispy duck skin was equally portioned for the three of us.  

We then placed the skin on the thin pancake coated with hoisin sauce pancake, topped with slices of scallion and salad leaves, rolled the pancake and tucked in. Simply delicious, we managed to finish every last one of the rolled pancakes but somehow, I still preferred the skin by itself or dipped into the thick dark sauce . 

The balance of the duck with the meat intact went back to the kitchen to be prepared as another dish. While waiting, the tempura fried veggies arrived. An assortment of veggies, batter coated and crispy fried, these were not a big hit since the fried wings were more tempting. 

While this meant I would essentially be shoveling more cholesterol into my system, I simply could not resist the crispy on the outside and tender meat inside fried wing. As we devoured the wings, came the balance of the duck - served in a minced meat sort of manner, accompanied with salad leaves. 
We took one piece of the salad leaf, place a scoopful of the minced duck meat on top, folded the leaf to hold the meat and ate it like one would a burrito. Nothing was wrong with this dish but considering the fact that I had already consumed a considerable amount of meat, I felt that a simple stir fried veggie I would have preferred.  
I skipped rice as I was saving my space for the finale, the desserts - a small bowl of chilled and boiled white fungus with pieces of papaya and steamed cake. Layered with a touch of custard in between. the cake was soft and moist for the melting moment whereas the the other dessert was soothing and refreshing.  

I was expecting to pay around RM200+ but pleasantly surprised I was for the bill came up to approximately RM150. For such a filling and tasty lunch for 3 people and with attentive customer service, Di Wei surely delivered.  

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  1. Good morning ms.nava, finally the comment box is visble now... :)

    Whoa, order so many food all together only rm150?? i was surprise cause i also thought all should be 200++ like that, he he he cheaper!! and all the food looks delicious!!!

  2. oh u got it back to old format. I like peking duck! The crispy skin is so shiok!

  3. For such a price, this classy meal is simply fantastic :D
    There are many yummy looking elements!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. That's a good price to pay. Love the settings at Di Wei...though for me its the issue of jamming my way to that part of the world:P

  5. there not bad.

    LOL...i even "tapau" home the balance f the duck meat after they cook for second dish

  6. Hi Nava, thank you for dining at our F&B outlet.


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