Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Santa'S Fast Food - MBK Mall, Bangkok (Thailand)

Up next after booking my room (Pathumwan Hotel Part 2 & Part 1)? Heading to MBK mall for lining my stomach with some food and the moment I spotted the first eatery, I decided. I will have my lunch in Santa'S Fast Food. Why Santa'S Fast Food? Because I didn't have the guts for walking any further for spotting other eateries. Remember, I have just arrived in Bangkok an hour ago (Chonburi)? My first ever travelling on my own in my entire 45 years. As it is, I am still coming to terms I am alone in Bangkok and my confidence level still very low till the floor. Hunger by this hour, about 12.00pm was already killing me and me quickly deciding between the set meals offered in Santa's by standing in front of the counter.  

Glimpsing at the menu on the wall, I ordered the Grilled Chicken Chop Set. RM6.90++, inclusive of a soft drink which you can refill as many times as you like.  

To the nearest empty table once my meal was ready and also after helping myself to a serving of birds eye chillies and garlic in soy sauce. Grilled Chicken Chop Set. Absolutely a delightful first meal in Bangkok. Grilled chicken chop in a thick, brown sauce, rice, fried egg and a simple salad. Every bit polished off while also sipping into Coke. All in all, a complete satisfaction. 

Hunger put into perspective and though I still could have idled my time away in MBK Mall, I didn't dare. Instead, I decided it will best for me to wait in Pathumwan Hotel before the travel agent will arrive at 1.30pm to fetch me. 


  1. I would be impressed to my friend, good standard and heartiness :D
    Great post!

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Birds eye chili, garlic and fish sauce is one of my fave dips!

  3. hi nava, your food looks delicious..i agree that the chili adds flavor and makes it more appetizing huh.
    when i was there last time, the thing i miss most was the original Thai cultural show- its too far away and the massive traffic jam made it impossible to go. I tried more than 3 times. ha ha . have a nice day

  4. BKK food is indeed very delicious and cheap. It never fails to impress me. =)

  5. bangkok :) wish to go there too :3

  6. Would love to check this place out the next time I'm there!


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