Friday, June 15, 2012

Pathumwan Princess Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand) - Part 1

I really, honestly, couldn't take it anymore. I was basically bored to death. Nevertheless, I sincerely appreciated the fact that my bestie actually took me out on the third day, we sure had a ball of time over the various types of Thai street food. Thereafter, back to square one. Cooked-up in Amata Country Club (Chonburi & Pattaya). So, I sounded to her that I want to Bangkok solo. She too agreed. Maybe, just saying, she didn't want me to hang around, maybe she was worried her working counterparts may not like the idea of me bunking for free. I don't blame her. If it was me, most probably I would have felt the same. Reality then kicked in hard into my thinking cap for learning an important lesson. Never travel by hoping others will take you around, never stay with anyone for free. There is nothing free in the world, mind you, I still had to contribute my share by sweeping and cleaning,  I also prepared some food while she was at work. Good. At least, I don't feel guilty. 

Next morning, I took ride from her Thai colleague who was driving down to Bangkok. Since I didn't book any room, she dropped me off at a boutique hotel, she also wanted to accompany me. I on the other hand thanked her and walked into the hotel. Unfortunately, after enquiring, I was told that all room has been taken up. Oh-no! Alone on my own for the first time ever in a foreign land? I was all shaken up. I was tearing. I didn't know what to do. Thankfully the staff who noticed my panic button, directed me to  Pathumwan Princess Hotel. I flagged a cab and arrive. Up to the lobby on the first floor, I paid for two nights, I didn't even know I had to swipe my card to go up to my room, so, fumbled, yet I made it.  

No regrets. Not at all. Thrown into Pathumwan Princess Hotel by a struck of good deeds, my room was no short of splendidness. I loved, I simply loved the vibrant stunning colour scheme, the comfortable bed and the bathroom, oh my-my-my! Clean with a retractable awning, a stack of toiletries and clean towels. In fact, what more can I ask for, totally worth paying RM800.00 for this complete package including for super fast wifi connection and refreshments. Honestly.  

Life returned to me. I was happy. I sat on the bed for 20 minutes, thereafter, back to the lobby to find out what I can do. In return, I was directed to the tour agent on the ground floor. I spoke to the staff, he in return felt sorry for me because I was alone in Bangkok. Wonder why? Did I look lost? I really don't know. I paid for a half a day sightseeing and was told that I can have a meal at the adjourning MBK mall, prior to being fetch in another 1 1/2 hours time.

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  1. Its a good thing you managed to get a room elsewhere and remembering the name of hotels! The room looks good.

  2. It looks like a lovely hotel room! I'm glad you remembered this spot...and that they had room for you :)

  3. What a stunning hotel review my friend, a grand place to stay :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. This hotel is packed with S'poreans! I stay there sometimes too when I visit BKK. It's a very lovely hotel. Did u try the spa there?

  5. god love the bath room only Xp

  6. Thank you for staying with us :) and we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay. Looking forward to Part 2.

  7. We are so pleased that you remembered our hotel =:0) and look forward to Part 2. Thank you for staying with us.

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments. Lovely hotel and the room was breathtaking.

    Shirley - I didn't have time for the spa because there were others which I embarked on.

    Pathumwan - I will strongly recommend this hotel to anyone who will be heading to Bangkok. Great service and I felt save being alone.

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  10. loved the interior..great clicks navneet..u r a good photographer too.
    i want go to bangkok,Thailans ..:)

    my recent one :


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