Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pathumwan Princess Hotel (Bangkok) - Part 2

My three days in Pathumwan Princess Hotel? Oh, before I forget to tell you, I decided to extend another day instead of returning to boredomness (Chonburi & Pattaya). Obviously, not free. Me paying another RM400.00 and the account taken up by my credit card. Pathumwan Princess Hotel. What else can you expect apart from a beautiful and well kept room? Honestly, to tell you the truth, I can't say much. I was out most of the time. Nevertheless, I did though walk within wherever I could when I had some extra time in hand. Of course, it all started on the first floor. Booking my room and like I have already told you, lobby on the ground floor. Lobby? Like any other hotel lobby, but this one? Darn stylish. Spacious and where you sit around or idle your time away by sipping into a drink or maybe, even order food and once sun goes down, light live music instead of heavy duty head banging.

The 8th floor roof-top? Smokers. You can get your fix here and petty much a bar during the later part of the day. Furthermore, for a helicopter view of the busy streets, the skyscrapers or whatever your camera and eyes can capture, and for those of you who want to keep fit while travelling, the sports zone. Also, for your "leave me alone" time and for solo women travelers like me, you can allow your mind to wonder. Stare at the sky or maybe the stars too by feeling proud you have come this far on your own and maybe pinning the solo woman travelling badge your have earn on yourself.

Besides the Bistro on the ground floor for food and drinks, you can dine at the Japanese restaurant on the first floor. Any other restaurant? Sorry, I really don't know and I also can't tell you about buffet breakfast. Why did I opt out from buffet breakfast? Would have been impossible when I had to get ready by 7.00am for sightseeing.       

Swimming pool and spa. On the second floor if I am not mistaken. Swimming and myself? What are we talking about? I can't swim for nuts. Of course, I could have paraded myself by walking up and down in my skimpy bikini or swimming suit. Temptation though did run high for spa treatment. But since I have already paid RM1200 for my stay, and I must also include paying for sightseeing and food, I decided to curb my enthusiasm from treating myself at the spa.  

Stay tuned for Part 3. 


  1. It's scary to know time passes so fast & X'mas seaason is already near. Spa & shopping also makes it hard for me to decide. Lol!

  2. lucky u, u seems to always get to travel

  3. I love the lil greenery in the first pic:D

    And its a reminder that Christmas is coming soon!

  4. That open courtyard looks like a perfect place to have a drink and read a good novel. Hope the tour was good :)

  5. Good morning ms.nava bangkok is a beautiful place i wish i can be there someday :)

    take care and may god blessed you always.. :)

  6. I love going to BKK. My favourite place in BKK is platinum mall! That place is a maze and I can stay there for 2 full days! YOu shold go there nex time =)

  7. it is a nice hotel.. and Pathumwan area is famous.

  8. What a beautiful hotel my friend, I love the surroundings and atmosphere :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. The hotel looks so nice.. I have yet to go to BKK but it's definitely in my list. So near, yet so far (for now).


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