Friday, September 14, 2012

Sambal Udang Petai

Another marriage matched in heaven our Malaysian Petai (Sambal Sotong Petai), aka Stink Beans dish. Its perfection to our palates when we forcefully or without forcing each other to be together in a sambal spiciness (Sambal Kentang Ikan Asin). Petai and Udang/Prawns (Sambal Petai Udang Kering)? Even Petai and Bilis/Anchovies (Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis Petai & Sambal Bilis Petai)? Where are you petai lovers? Are you not agreeing with me? I bet you love any of these combination of petai and of course, how can we cook petai, as I have already told you without chillies (Sambal Udang/Prawn)? Henceforth, to make this Sambal Udang Petai, essentially, in fact you must buy the freshest prawns (Prawn Noodle Soup, Devilled Prawns & Bitter Gourd Prawn Curry). Otherwise, you are wasting your time and your money. Make sure you checklist the prawns first (Chinese Prawn FrittersPrawn Mango Curry & Sichuan Chilli Prawns) whilst picking up the petai. When petai is a concern for me, I usually buy those already peeled and sealed in the plastic for time saving and instead of adding the pieces just like that, I slice. Why do I slice the petai? Because of the probability of wriggly worms playing sparks inside. Thereafter? Go ahead. Replicate or tweet this recipe of mine.

For the prawns
350g prawns - de-vein and leave the tail on
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tbsp cornflour

For the chilli paste/sambal
1 inch ginger
5 garlic
10 dried red chilies (or as preferred)
1/2 inch roasted belacan/shrimp paste (optional)
***process/ground to a thick paste

Other ingredients
250g petai - slice into 2 or 3 pieces
1 lemongrass - smashed
1 large onion - slice into rings
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp thick tamarind/asam juice
Salt to taste
Oil as needed
Spring onion for garnishing - sliced into 1 inch length (optional)

Mix prawns with turmeric powder and cornflour.
Heat enough oil and when heated, fry prawns till crispy and cooked.
Drain excess oil and leave about 3 tbsp in the same wok.
Add chilli paste, onion rings and lemongrass.
Stir as and when needed till aromatic and oil splits. 
Pour tamarind juice and season with salt and sugar.
Stir and add in prawns and petai.  
Note: you can add petai first in the sambal, cook and later add prawns if you like) 
Stir again and dish out. 
Garnish with spring onions before serving.


  1. There's some difference in flavour of petai in semenanjung and sabah. I love the Sabah version which it smell are stronger! :)

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  2. I ralised that you not only like Petai, but also lemongrass

  3. I am wondering now what those beans would look like in the market. they got any other name?

    Looks great and yummy! =D

  4. Haha for 'stinky green beans' this dish looks pretty dam delicious :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. I go with Uru, you call them stinky beans but the dish looks really flavorful. Do they smell even after cooking?

  6. What a beautiful dish! I've converted my hubby on quite a few ingredients over the years, too :)

  7. I could eat prawns with anything, even stinky green beans. heh. this looks great, nava!

  8. Nava, u got me sold with just prawns & lemongrass! So yummy! But I'd probably throw away those stinky beans. Lol!

  9. Petai as I remember is something people either love or hate, right? I love them and love all forms of sambal

  10. Wonderful dish. I love anything with lemongrass it...:)

  11. Oh wow, petai sambal!! My mom and dad love it. Unfortunately, I never developed any taste or liking for it.

  12. Looks so yummy!!
    perfectly cooked!


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