Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lamb Kofta Curry

Mutton or lamb? Tough question. For us personally, both goes. Both, mutton (Mutton Keema & Masala Mutton Curry) and lamb cuts both ways. Meaning, in other words, we don't mind either one. Of course, we Indians, don't you think we prefer mutton (Mutton Kurma, Mutton Dalca & Mutton Pepper Masala)? You bet. I had a tough call as well for this kofta curry. Should I use mutton or lamb (Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles & Malaysian Lamb Stew). In the end, I settled for lamb (Lamb Burgers & Lamb Fried Rice). Why, are you asking me? Minced lamb on this particular day was easier availability and I didn't want to do the mutton (Mutton Parathal & Mutton Soup) mincing on my own. Honestly, for someone like me who like to be in my kitchen for the shortest time, I as you know am an easy home cook, I really can't be bothered with mincing. Of course, I agree when minced meat is an overall concern, what about the ratio to meat and fats? Therefore, you decide while I get moving to this Lamb Kofta Curry. Kofta? I think I have already told you (Indian Mutton Meatball Soup & Chicken Meatball Soup)?  Vibrant and salivating simmering curry made from a mixture of spices, and kofta gently dropped inside. 

For the kofta
350g minced lamb
1/2 inch ginger - chopped
5 garlic - chopped
Salt for taste

For the curry paste
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tbsp shallot paste
2 tbsp plain chili powder
1/2 tbsp coriander powder
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp fennel powder
1 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
*** mix all these ingredients with a little water and keep aside

Spices - 2 sticks of cinnamon, 1 star anise and 5 cloves
1 large tomato - sliced 
2 tbsp yogurt
2 sprigs curry leaves
1/4 cup oil
salt for taste
1/2 liter water

Mix all the ingredients for kofta, pinch bit by bit, shape into small balls/rolls and keep aside.
Heat oil and when heated, fry spices for a min.
Add curry paste and cook until aromatic and oil splits.
Add tomato and curry leaves, stir for a couple of times.
Pour water, stir again and simmer to heat.
Then gently drop the kofta one by one inside.
Once the koftas are cooked, off the heat and gently combine in yogurt. 


  1. I wonder how it taste it spicy with a bit sourish...

  2. The curry look fabulous! though I haven't tried koftas with lamb but I love kofta in general and judging your recipe by the spices used.

  3. I'm sure it will taste good with some rice or meehon =)

  4. I love this. An awesome carbo load dish when my mother in law makes it:D Either I learn it up real soon since you have the recipe and all OR "puppy eye" request MIL to make it:D

  5. curry recently i keep on eat curry >.<

  6. when I c lamb curry..
    the first thing that I think of is Malam Jumaat.. lol
    In my ex company's canteen, they always serve curry mutton on Thursday.
    then the malay told me becoz of malam jumaat.. lol

  7. This is a dish I often get in restaurants, but it never looks this good.

  8. This curry looks exquisite my friend :D
    A beautiful presentation and mix of flavours!

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. lamb is totally out of my league. you make cooking sound so easy! but its not =( (at least for me)

  10. It looks delicious even though I don't really fancy the smell of lamb. :)

  11. Koftas and kebabs - nothing beats them :) These lamb koftas look terrific :)


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