Friday, June 8, 2012

Bibiwok Nyonya Thai Restaurant (Bandar Puteri, Puchong)

Mothers Day! Obviously a day dedicated to mum, emak, mummy or amma. The best gift for my mother on Mothers Day? Getting her out of the kitchen. The kitchen where she cooks by pouring aplenty of her love or maybe on some days, her frustration as well. How did it start on this Mothers Day? Instead of dinner and being amongst the many, furthermore on a Sunday, I decided that lunch will be better option. And as usual, when I treat mum, I must include the rest of the family members. Nine of us and since mum is staying in Puchong, we headed to Bandar Puteri before me, yes myself and my decision for dining in Bibiwok Nyonya Thai Restaurant (Bumbu Bali). Why? Well. For exposing mum and family members to Nyonya Thai cuisine which by far most probably they have not tried before. Bibiwok Nyonya Thai Restaurant and their ambiance. Spacious, admirable and comfortable for family dining together. Additionally, ordering made smooth sailing by referring to the set meals (non inclusive of drinks) specifically put together for Mothers Day. Done and also done with ordering our drinks, as we started nibbling the two types of tidbits, within the next 10 minutes or so, drinks as well as dishes popped up on our table.  

Lemongrass Grilled Kebab. 
A platter consisting of lemongrass skewers and beef tucked atop, batter fried prawns, pie tie/top hats (crispy fried batter shaped as hats)and the filling for it. Filling made from turnip and carrot and some coriander leaves garnished and two types of chilli dips. Oh, lemongrass beef skewers? Such a waste since we don't eat beef. I completed overlooked it. On the other hand, crispy batter fried prawns and pie tie we filled up with the veggies and the two dips? Sincerely appreciated.   
Tom Yam Seafood.
Fiery looking soup cooked alongside chillies, herbs and seafood? Lovely. Mum, my other half-half and myself simply loving its spiciness, sourness and richness. However, the rest of the family members? Indian drama and drama due to they don't know much about this Thai soup and they can't take spiciness.    
Beancurd In Traditional Nyonya Style.
Soft tofu, green veggie and mushrooms cushioned atop a light flavorful soy based sauce? Became a winner. All polished off.  
Lemak Nenas Prawn or Pineapple Prawn Curry.
Coconut milk and rempah/curry paste cooked prawns and pineapple? An authentic delight. Spicy, sweet, sour and cream tastiness made me and mum happy, whereas the rest of our family clan tasting a tiny bit.     
Salted Egg Squid.
If you are lover of salted egg, you will love this dish. Othewise? I don't know what to say. We didn't mind.  
Thai Chilli Garlic Steamed Snapper. 
Steamed fish in a tangy, spicy and light and aromatic saauce/gravy. Seemingly a favourite among all of us. Swiped clean within the next five minutes.  
Ayam Buah Keluak. I was fine. I think I was the only one who felt fine after tasting. The hard nuts and chicken in a red hue sambal/gravy. Another sheer waste because no one else enjoyed it and instead of wasting, I packed back the balance.   
Hot Lemongrass Herbal Tea  
Hot Lemon Honey  lemon honey tea
Ice Lemon
Ice Lemon Tea
Mint Fizzy
The finale to our meal? A large bowl of ice kacang. Shaved ice, red beans, cendol, drenched with palm sugar syrup and coconut milk. Even my dad wouldn't stop helping himself.   
After this dining experience, I concluded that mum, my other half-half and myself are the adventurous foodies. The rest of the family members? Indian food will suit them best. 
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  1. that was really sweet of you Ms.Nava..I was not really that close to my Mom because I had a painful childhood experience but she is still my Mom and my love for her didn't change..I'm glad your Mom enjoyed it Ms.Nava and it was such a happy family bonding experience..stay happy and fulfilled and it was such a heavy food..and I was intrigued on how the devil chicken on the menu looked looks really and I bet it is super hot and spicy hehehe..visiting you Ms.Nava ;)

  2. will certainly check out this place!!!!

    near where? Is it opposite Citibank?

  3. Kathy - I think its somewhere around the bank though I am not sure exactly where.

    1. Oh...I think agak sham I know where already. near awet thai restaurant. Thank you. :)

  4. I think I tried there b4.
    Is that the retaurant that opp to Bumbu Bali?

  5. Simple Person - its already stated in my review that its opp to Bumbu Bali. I think you missed reading it.

  6. That is great array of dishes Nava. I like the tea collection.

  7. I must check this out. Strangely I never noted this place despite visiting Bumbu Bali rather often.

  8. I think I would be having set B, no matter if it was mother's day or not. Lots of delicious food here-the lemongrass kebabs have really peaked my tastebuds! You did pick a winner for Mom-I am sure it made for a very special day.

  9. I brought my mum for some nyonya food too *high five*. But the food at park royal wasn't good.

  10. Great post, dear! That's quite a feast for your mom & I'm proud of u :) I'm sure she's smiling so sweetly!

  11. ayam buah keluak should be the best nyonya food for me :) i'd love to try this!

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  12. The ice kacang looks more like cendol! And it is a huge serving!

  13. I love how much food you had to eat! Amazing :)


  14. hi nava, wow! the dishes all look really good..especially the steamed snapper, prawns and lemon grass kebab... makes me hungry.... ooops
    have a great week ahead

  15. booked about 60 pax with the restaurant din't even give any discount at all, food portion is not so big only. cus tried before, and the menu is really only simple dishes like fish, chicken and prawns, but it cost about Rm 300, later we only found out that the set that they offered actually rice is not included, so we got to pay another RM 2 per head for rice. it's just like airasia being sneaky with their charges.

  16. Everything looks wow!! This is a must visit place. Love it :)

  17. THai food lovers would love this place.