Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thai Mee Hoon Kerabu (Salad)

God! Don't we all love the no baking and no cooking, or maybe just a tiny of cooking involved, (Cucumber Yogurt Salad), or even just simmering after preparing the ingredients dishes (Vietnamese Fish Soup)? I don't know about you, nor I want to assume what, how and why you are in the kitchen for those hours, me on the other hand, I think most of you know me, me and my only that much of time for cooking? Indeed (Spicy Thai Noodles, Seafood Tom Yum Soup & Tom Yam Prawn Fried Rice). So, what's in store for us today for a wholesome and filling dish? Aha! You know it already. Recipe has spoken for itself, don't you think so? Of course. May look as though you have to crank your hours and crack your head, but let me assure you. Nothing complicated (Tom Yum Chicken & Thai Green Fish Curry). Nothing you can't do it. Basically, Thai Mee Hoon Kerabu/Salad (Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon) requires, yes, the preparing of the ingredients, the slicing and cleaning. Regardless, its the assembling method. Toss all the ingredients and you have this power, vibrant, attractive and fab Thai quintessential tastes Chicken Feet Kerabu/Salad). Go ahead. What are you waiting for actually? Get this Thai Mee Hoon Kerabu on your table. I bet its unforgettable and unregrettable. . 

3 slabs (150g) mee hoon 
10 pieces of snow green peas - sliced thinly
1 cup of bean sprouts - break the tail off
5 shallots - sliced thinly
1 small lime - extract juice
5-6 chilly/birds eye chillies (can replaced with red chillies) - sliced
1/2 cup crushed roasted peanuts
4-5 limau purut/kaffir lime leaves - sliced thinly
1 lemongrass - sliced thinly
2 salted eggs - boiled and remove shells
Salt to taste

Blanch mee hoon for a couple of minutes in hot water and immediately into cold water.
Drain and keep aside.
Do the same for peas and bean sprouts.
Into a large mixing bowl, add all ingredients together.
Toss and stir before serving with salted eggs.


  1. WOW,,,NAVA, You did it again make my mouth watering,Healthy meal and Gorgeous pictures,very colorful,,,me -hoon is my favorite too,welldone !!


  2. Wonderfully delectable delicious dish..:)

  3. Wow,looks so so good!Totally the kind of food I would enjoy Nava :)I'll have to look for me-hoon in my local Chinese stores here!Cannot wait to try :)

  4. Delicious salad. Love these kind of healthy food.

  5. This salad is SO PRETTY! The colors are just beautiful. I sounds delicious. I would love to have this as a meal!

  6. Another healthy exotic and oriental amazing creation my friend - I love reading your posts :D


  7. this is so good! i can put this into my lunch box one of these days!

  8. When I first looked at your picture, I knew this dish was with rice noodles. Eating rice noodles is my necessity so I add everything what I find in my fridge. Now, I am going to try with lemon grass and salted eggs. Adding it to do my to do cooking list.

  9. wow...waht an absolute gorgeous salad...loved that color !!!!I have awards for you in my space...plz accept :-)

  10. this is a unique dish Ms.Nava..this I'll try ;)

  11. The salad looks so delicious. I love the egg on top:)

  12. im not into the rice, but the salad is so light and healthy for me! can i have a portion of that?

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  13. It's interesting to see Thai Bee Hoon with Salted Egg. Both are my fave :) I'm salivating now, dear. Lol!

  14. you always try some nice recipe..
    I think the salty egg really add the "ummmphhh" in the salad..

  15. Oooh! Exciting salad. I'm all about food that has a Thai influence, count me in!

  16. Such great flavors in this one, I really like what you did here. The flavor combo is quite unique to me. I wish I had been there to try it. My past salads really do not hold a candle to this-well done.

  17. I had some kerabu meehoon while in Malaysia and actually liked it. Might give this a try! :)

  18. I have never heard of mee hoon, but it sure makes a yummy looking salad :) Have a great weekend. I'll check in with you again in a couple weeks!

  19. Nava, this is gorgeous--so full of texture, color and flavor!

  20. I love this! I will try one day ;) Eating this with hot plain rice, emm emm... delicious! :)


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