Monday, May 14, 2012

Tea Eggs

Chinese. Tea. And Eggs. Can't be Indian and Tea Eggs or Malay and Tea Eggs? As far as I know, no. Indian of course, we are all about holiness, praying, temples and vegetarianism synonymous? Okay. Okay. I shall stop with my Indian antics. No more needling the thread and needle about Indians in this pitching (Indian-Spiced Salmon)? Enough right? I better. What's in store today for these Tea Eggs. As I have already told you, the Chinese way to Tea Eggs (Rice Congee, Yong Tau Foo, Char Kway Teow & Chinese Prawn Fritters). The instant version. Meaning, you need to get the pre-packed Herbal Tea Eggs Spices. From Chinese shops of course. Quite a variety available these days. Pick whichever or ask. I bet they won't mind recommending (Chick Kut Teh). Any by far will do, or the one I have opted for. A couple of dollars only (Chap Chai & Chicken Black Vinegar) for celebration eggs. Eggs are the core ingredient. Yes. Otherwise, we can't be  naming this recipe as Tea Eggs (Egg Fish Roll, Salted Egg Chicken, Egg Curry Masala & Tofu Scrambled Eggs)? Next? Let's, can we make? We should. Tea leaves in sachet, cinnamon, cloves and dark soy sauce, simmered alongside eggs over very-very low heat or in the slow cooker (Egg Vindaloo & Fried Egg Oyster Sauce). My version, don't you think looks unique? Different? Indeed. I added potatoes (Egg Potato Curry). Anything wrong? Are you right now flipping upside down, inside out? Please don't. Conclusively, potato in tea eggs is a pride. Also, Hoisin sauce added and garnished by spring onion. Tea eggs by the way can be eaten as a snack or how about pairing alongside Rice Congee or into salad (Cucumber Yogurt Salad)?  

1 sachet ready made tea herbs
1/2 portion of additional herbs as given in the packet
15 eggs
3 medium size potatoes (remove skin and cut into chunks)
Spring onion as needed - sliced thinly

1 tbsp hoisin sauce
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tsp sugar
Pepper and salt for taste (use salt sparingly)

Into a slow cooker, add eggs, potatoes, the herbs sachet and 1/2 liter of water.
Once eggs and potatoes are cooked, remove eggs and let them cool down.
Now crack the eggs gently all over and put back into the herbs soup.
Switch off the cooker and let the eggs stand inside possibly overnight.
And then, peel eggs, garnished with spring onion and ladle the soup over. 


  1. Lovely! I make this very often at home, using pkt herbs I bought from Chinese medicine shop too. Such a breeze & quick way to make these eggs.

  2. Surprisingly tat u like Chinese tea egg....
    I don't like d smell but taste is ok for me....

  3. The kit does sound like a great way to try these without having to get a lot of ingredients. I have always wondered exactly how these were made and glad to know it is easier than I once thought!

  4. I love making tea eggs, though we don't have the convenitient bags. Looks delicious!

  5. I LOVEEEEE Chinese Tea Eggs! The smell of it makes me hungry... =D

  6. I love these, I make mine with Lapsang Souchong tea for a very smoky flavour but have never used potatoes before! Or spring onions! Interesting, must add those next time I have a Chinese meal!

  7. i love the herbal taste in it :) very delish

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  8. This is wonderful I haven't heard but seen these eggs. Didn't know how to make them or what they are called. As I love boiled eggs I will look for these sachets.

  9. Very unique and something very new to me :)Looks delicious and will be looking out for the sachets!

  10. These are beautiful, Nava! I would have gone the safe route with my first attempt, too :)

  11. These eggs look wonderful and I definitely want to try them soon :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. I never heard of chinese tea eggs,very interesting recipe,i do love herb on this dish !!


  13. I wish I could reach thro my laptop for a taste..LOL..!
    Tasty Appetite

  14. How cool is that, they even have a premix sachet for tea eggs! I loved flavored boiled eggs. :)

  15. it's look delicious..
    but their smell...

  16. My hubi likes to eat this. Shop used to sell RM2 for 3 but now nearly RM1 a piece!

    I thought very hard to make, But from what you posted seems easy. May try it one day

  17. my mum make it too but no idea y everytime she made it become salty the max = =

  18. wow...u have it done perfectly. Normally I ll just buy from those tea house which sells tea eggs.

  19. my brother a chinese tea drinker use to make these eggs for sale.

  20. eh very creative of you! we used to cook this with ready made sachet but then never add in any potatoes! :P but we cook the egg first, then crack it gently so that the cracks allow the herbal soup to zips in (then the egg will be more tasty! and look 'artistic' too. hahaha...

  21. I do love to eat Herbal Egg, it's been a while since the last I had them :)

  22. I had these all over China when I was there last year!! Lovely photos!

  23. wow...absolutely loved the kit..eggs look delicious !!!!!!

  24. Never ever heard of such a recipe... looks awesome ..:))
    I love the addition of herbs and their wonderful aroma..:))

  25. I've tried slow boiling eggs in soy. It took about an hour but they tasted so good! I must try your slow cooker version.

  26. This is one of my fave snacks. Not made them on my own since I am the one and only one who eats this at home;-(


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