Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pasta Zanmai - Empire Subang (Subang Jaya)

Back again in Empire Subang? Right. Ever since I changed my car. My car being serviced in Toyota and instead of waiting, I walk up to Empire Subang. Usually, since I always take up the early slot, you can see me in Empire Subang by 11.00am and at least every six months once. For killing time of course and because I am not a breakfast person, hunger will like immediately kill me the moment I walk in. But the thing to the eateries? Most of them are not ready and even if they are, they will stare at you if you are the first customer to walk in. Duh! As if you are pressuring them to get their food act at once instead of at their leisure (Serai Empire and Chilli's). Which eatery did I opt for? Pasta Zanmai. Why? They were already a-buzzed compared to the rest still sleeping. 

To the outside dining area facing the car park and from the menu featuring aplenty choices, I opted for Edamame, Egg Soy Sauce, Vegetarian Yasai Curry Noodle, Green Tea Cappuccino and Ichigo Ice. All of these are vegetarian dishes mind you. What? Vegetarian? Yep. Me being a vegetarian on this day, though I have no issue to egg.
Came cruising within the next five minutes? Edamame/simmered Japanese beans. Walla! Steamed and slightly salty beans nibbled out of the beans pods. Nice. For lining my stomach and me taking my time in nibbling. Thereafter, I daintily slurped the egg soy sauce. Wah! Another delight. Can you imagine half boiled egg in soy sauce? Like haven calling for me personally and the soy sauce, like a magical wand.       
Up next? Vegetarian Yasai Curry Noodle Egg noodles and various types of veggies soaking in a thick curry broth. Broth especially was outstanding. I finished off the broth and all those veggies, but noodles? Just so little.
While I was still struggling with finishing off the noodle dish, I got down to Green Tea Cappuccino. How? Creamy, frosty and not overly sweet green tea cappuccino and small translucence sago pearls inside, must be regarded as outstanding. I liked it. In fact, I loved it. 
Was I done yet? No. On my table subsequently was Ichigo Ice. Frozen strawberries filled with vanilla ice cream, icing sugar dusted atop and placed on tadbit of chocolate sauce. Must be raved. I must over and over again. 

All in all, Pasta Zanmai was no failure in all counts (RM51.00). Sincerely appreciated service, nice ambiance and food, like I have already told you, a pleasure.

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  1. You've put me in the mood for edamame. And, of course, the dessert is what I zeroed in looks lovely!

  2. I heard of this place before. Saw many blog about it but was uncertain about it coz i thin it was invited food review. But seeing you liking it in your blog, I know it's good.

  3. I cant resist for the dessert..oh my,berry with white chocolate,thats truly scrumptious ...Hope u visit this place with ur BH soon ...

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  5. the food's all makes me hungry now!!!! :D

  6. I tried it in 1 u...
    I like their pizza... They put a soft boil egg on the pizza...
    Very good.... The beans call edamame... N I Loke to eat it also...
    Their sushi zanmai restaurant also very good...... Do try it...

  7. yummy Ms.Nava..loved the desserts..envious of your travel adventures and yummy cravings..passing by Ms.Nava..missing you..I'm back ;)

  8. OHMY! This looks so yummy. You are so close to some amazing food, totally jealous! That ice is lovely

  9. Oh my! I'm totally drooling. I want some too! :)

  10. Beautiful selection of food now I have to get something to eat.