Friday, April 6, 2012

Gurney Drive - Penang (Malaysia)

Undeniably Penang is a food haven, so is also Selangor, I mean much of the Penang fare has travelled to our states as well. Penang kuey teow, Penang asam laksa, Penang rojak and othe Penang food, you name it, they are offered at hawkers stalls, cafes and restaurants. But of course, a trip to Penang is not omplete without happily tucking into Nasi Kandar Line Clear and Gurney Drive, though patience is a virtue to parking, guess we were lucky on this day. So happened as we were waiting at the road side, someone reversed out.

Gurney Drive - oh! spoilt for choices for the various varieties of food offered at the rows and rows of stalls stretching from one end to the other. Truly a hawker fare, you just have to get comfortable with the plastic tables and chairs and with the sit anywhere concept. What was different from the last time I was here is that the hawkers don't bring the food and drinks over. Its self service. You order, you pay and you carry the food or drinks to the table. The styrofoam is also saved. Its cut into two and both sides are used for the food. Not bad! I was impressed for I support saving. Still, some hawkers prefer plastic - plastic cups, bowls, plates etc etc. .

With the cousin and his wife accompanying us. we were treated like king and queen. They walked up and down, ordered, paid for the food and drinks and we ate.
Asam laksa was one of it the cousin insisted. Good choice I must say. The laksa with thick rice noodles in a spicy thick spicy tangy broth, garnished with onion, mint leaves and chillies was like power ranges. Shot me down but I could still withstand the spiciness.
Prawn Mee which isn't my favourite was conveniently pushed to my other half. This man I don't know why wasn't impressed but pretended to like. Must be to jaga muka/save the face of the cousin's wife. I tasted the broth and a pass to the prawn mee.
Fried kuey teow is the fav of my other half. He willingly shared and we both ate. The rice noodles slightly mushy, fried with bean sprouts, kucai, egg and prawns and flavoured with chilli paste and soy sauce. The kuey teow may have been fried to perfection but no, not a rating of 10/10. Perhaps close to 6.5/10.
The chee cheong fun drenched with chilli sauce and brown-sweet sauce was okay lah! Boleh tahan lah!! Just another dish to fill up our hunger.
To wash down the food, we had soy bean and plum juice.
Prices are affordable (between Rm4 to 6) but portion smaller than expected. Wish I could have sampled more dishes but only so much one can eat. Okay. The pictures I know are teruk/not so impressive for I was in the mood of eating whereas the camera was in the wrong mode. Gurney drive - the drive for the huge selection of hawker fare until what to eat can be complicated.

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  1. Been a long time since I ate a real Penang Asam Laksa!

  2. That's a lot of food for two. But a stroll down Gurney Drive will do the job =)

  3. Hi Nava, you can also try Song River coffee shop near Evergreen Laurel Hotel. If you want to eat chinese dishes, then you gotta be early around 6pm.
    Hawker stalls there will be operating till late.

    I eat the char koay teow pretty often, buyin back.:)

  4. Your photos always make me want to travel to Malaysia--and I desperately want some of that plum juice!

  5. Sounds like a fun experience...picking and choosing what looks best! I'm glad you found some winners. Have a wonderful weekend, Nava!

  6. yup i agree .. PG is another food heaven....
    lots of good food over there..

  7. Food trucks! That's what they remind me of and they are SO trendy here in the states! Plum juice sounds delicious, too! I hope you are well, my friend!

  8. I have said this many times before, I would love to visit Malaysia . All these dishes are making my mouth water.

  9. We normally park at the other end of Gurney Drive and walk. Less hassle with waiting for traffic to move outside McD and the roundabout.

  10. All the dishes look so good. Hey Nava, will u be attending the blogger event in Malacca?

    Do chk out my new post Limpets, The Poor Man’s Abalone & at the same time, take a look at my newly revamped Cooking Page & let me know if u like the new change. Thks, dear!

  11. Aw, I love Lok Lok and Asam Laksa,especially Penang asam laksa but, I can't really eat spicy though. yeah, just go, my mom hometown actually in Penang. I love the place. You must walk all go ^^ I support^^

    Latest: HPV and Gardasil

  12. Arghhhh am drooling to the max. Penang is indeed food heaven :)

  13. Its been a while since I've been to gurney drive. My mom always points out the fact about the street foods in Malaysia has somehow lost a lot of quality and so expensive. Sigh. :(

  14. Lovely pics and a perfect place for vacations. And true, its a food heaven. Yum Yum Yum :)


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