Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nasi Kandar Line Clear - Penang (Malaysia)

A trip to Penang is not complete (Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang). No, not complete without a nasi kandar meal. You must whatever happens, you must try nasi kandar in Penang. At least for me personally and I have already had my share of nasi kandar in Penang. The latest? Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Like, maybe if not have been spoken about million times, maybe said as a must try. What is it like in Nasi Kandar Line Clear? Except no much in terms of ambiance and be prepared for sweat dripping massively on a hot day. Then again, tell me. When its not a hot day in Malaysia? Even when it is raining or after rain? I don't know about you, I can sweat worst than the dogs, cats and pigs. Alright, so much for sweating even when we stood in the queue and before pointing to the dishes we wanted. Not bad. Not bad already? These guys who serve you. They sure can speak good English while I was actually speaking in Bahasa Malaysia for opting between the choices of meat, poultry, seafood, all mostly in curry style and of course, some stir fried veggies as well.

Once you have your plate of rice and the dishes atop? Make your way to the seating area. Rows of benches and tables. You may end up being seated across unknown people. No choice. If its peak time in Nasi Kandar Line Clear or maybe all the time. We too had no choice. We had to look at the unknown faces, some frightening looking ones mind you and what else was next? Fingers into our food. 

Me? Nasi Briyani alongside curried quail, stir fried bean sprouts, green chilli sambal and curry soaking. Explosion of tastes. Spiciness, tanginess and what not.
My other half-half? Curried lamb and stir fried long beans. Pow-wow power he commented. The power of, of course curry spiciness.
Our cousin? Curried fish, stir fried long beans and green chilli sambal. He is Penang born and he has already tucked into a rice/nasi meal in Nasi Kandar Line Clear like? Maybe countable times.
A plate of papadam while tucking in and washed down by sky juice? The conclusive verdict? Nasi Kandar Line Clear satisfaction.  
Oh, before I forget, cleanliness wise? I mean the surrounding area and what not? I think you are the best person to decide. Either you are a person who only care about food tastiness or cleanliness does make a difference. 

Nasi Kandar Line Clear
177, Penang Road
Tel:  04-2614440
Open 24 hours.


  1. hi nava, wheee, sure i totally agree with you.. Not eating nasi kandar means a person did not go visit Penang. ha ha
    I like fish head curry , especially red snapper and i have a special liking for the eyes. heh heh/ with okra, chili and tomatoes..
    Next day, i will go again to eat mutton... super meal. have a nice day

  2. Hwhat lovely cuisine..One dy I'd like to taste Malaysian cuisine too!

  3. Definetely yes when is pg is Nasir Kandar...
    My friends use to bring me to eat nasi Kandar when I travel to pg....

  4. Looks delicious! I will remember to eat nasi kandar when I am in Penang. :)

  5. yes! penang nasi kandar is the best. they also served nasi kandar angsa on every friday in certain restaurant. tried it once few years back..

  6. This is so not fair! It's been years since I've had nasi kandar! I'm pretty sure I've been to this place - my dad's Malaysian and lived in Penang, sadly, he passed away in Dec last year.
    Just having everything you might want in front of you, oh I miss it!

  7. That all looks good, but I particularly want some of that curried lamb!

  8. That's a good place to taste nasi kandar.

  9. I think is a must to have nasi kandar when we visit Penang,right..

  10. Yes no trip to Penang would be complete w/o a plate of nasi kandar. Will check out this place the next time i visit penang

  11. Too much good food in Penang! I need to fly there now. Hahaha!

  12. I always see Nasi Kandar Penang mamaks here but not all of them are great. Hope I can try it at its origins soon. Though the price seems more expensive at this one lol

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  13. Everything looks delicious...and spicy!

  14. Ohh it was indeed delish. I tried Line Clear awhile back but the food is still vivid in my mind.

  15. I scared, because I scared spicy food XD!

    looking forward to your next update :)

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  16. Appreciate all the comments everyone and thank you so much. We simply love spicy food, so this food venture was heaven for us.

  17. Nice pictures and they do look yummy :)

  18. its a yummy one indeed. the wait os quite terrifying though unless we arrive early.


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