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Fried Egg With Oyster Sauce

God! Egg eating story is potentially a confusing theory. People just have to open their mouth and express their opinion. Whether the right opinion or not, people just must confuse us. Some, do or die, will debate eggs are bad for health, others will suggest you limit the number of eggs to maybe, three or four in a week, whereas the rest like me, can't be bothered. Honestly, I can't be bothered to listen to the wise cracks because, have you realise that people who are so particular about what to eat, including so worrying about eggs, they are the ones who kick their buckets faster? Than those like me who, I am not saying I live for eggs but I eat eggs without limitation. Not daily though. Gawking down unlimited eggs like a monster, basically overdosing yourself knowingly or unknowingly, can't keep your health in a safe state of affair. Going overboard on any kinda ingredients or food, wouldn't you agree is madness? An egg a day I think is really okay? If you are not agreeing, your problem and not mind anyway. Whether you eat eggs daily or its a once a while affair, can you just allow me to share this Fried Egg With Oyster Sauce recipe? (Bean Sprouts Omelette, Egg Rasam, Egg Vindaloo, Egg Curry Masala, Egg Fish Roll & Tofu Scramble Eggs). Really-really down to earth preparation. Ingredients as per your wish, fried eggs, oyster sauce drizzle over and spring onion garnished.    

Ingredients (as needed)
Oyster sauce
Sliced spring onion
Salt (only if needed) and pepper

Heat oil. More oil for fluffy eggs.  
Place the round egg ring inside (egg ring is of course optional, but if you love your eggs to almost perfected round, do it)
Break egg inside the ring.
Fry as you like - either both sides or sunny side.
Season with salt (sparingly please because oyster sauce is salty too)  
Arrange fried eggs on a plate or a serving tray.
Drizzle oyster sauce over and garnish with spring onion. 


  1. Ohmigosh! That looks amazing! I've never cooked with oyster sauce before...and I'm sure I'd never have thought to pair it up with eggs. Need to hit up the New Asia Market and see if they've got some for grabs :)

  2. Your plating is gorgeous! This looks like a simple, delicious dish! I try not to eat the yolks all the time either but they're definitely the best part! Lovely pictures :)

  3. What I like is that all the ingredients will always be in your pantry. Its a quick and simple recipe that yields such fabulous results.

  4. My family loved eggs! They can eat eggs everyday if I let them, but since I am health conscious, I do limit their eggs intake. Now probably once or twice per week. I like your easy way of serving it!

  5. This really does amp up the flavor of eggs. Also it does make for a very elegant presentation. Oyster sauce and eggs does intrigue-another creative and delicious creation Nava!

  6. Eggs are my favourite. My husband has a family(vegetarian) history of high cholesterol. He reduced eating eggs in the fear of that. But few years ago I found out that eggs raises good cholesterol which automatically reduces your bad one. My husband eats whole egg after that almost 4 times a week and eats walnuts everyday. His cholesterol is fine.
    I am sending you two links of Dr.Oz's website, whose I am fan from as long as I am here in Canada,when he did not even have his own show.
    Hope this will help.

  7. Love the new design of your page! =)

  8. Nice photoshoot! Whe you said about "but the yolk inside makes me float up there." I couldn't help but to agree to what you say! hahaha! Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  9. Hi

    Oyster sauce?! I never thought of using that before. Will it not be too salty?

    Next time you can try Tamago (japanese style egg) too. I am currently trying to make it too. =)

  10. Oh, this is simply delicious, Nava! We all love eggs here...whether it's in plain hard boiled, poached, fried or omelet form, we can eat it everyday! But since we know that it has high cholesterol content, I only limit serving it 2x a week.

  11. Hi Nava-K! How are you? Super post! I published a post about my culture. You should read and see the photos. I am sure that you will like it! Thank you..


  12. What an interesing combination - it looks great!

  13. Interesting, I've never combined oyster sauce with plain egg. Looks delicious!

  14. What a gorgeous little appetizer--it looks like it belongs in a restaurant!

  15. eggs are my fave too! :) love the spring onions on it to make it more aromatic

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  16. Interesting combi... oyster sauce and eggs. :)

  17. LOL...i was wondering how you got the egg to be so round. Then i read its using round ring

  18. Looks sooo delicious. I love eggs and oyster sauce and my mouth is watering now. I'll have to try this sometime for sure :)

  19. This looks so yummy! I can almost imagine the taste in my mouth - oriental brekkie much :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  20. what a simple yummy eggs dishes,,,i love the pic,so colorful !!

  21. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments and yes, its so simple yet makes a wonderful meal esp during time crisis.

  22. yummy, i love eggs too..:) muaahh!:)

  23. Substituting soy sauce with oyster sauce, something new to try. :)

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  24. Lovely Photography!
    Thanks for dropping by my space.Happy to follow you!
    Vist my blog space when u r free at

  25. Hmnm, never try to eat with oyster sauce leh! But mum did use the eggs to fried with bean paste/sause (bcome scramble egg) and eat with plain porridge, very nice oh!

  26. OMG! The eggs look to pretty to be eaten..Haha.
    I bet it taste as nice as it look. I'm gonna try this out when I got free time to make it.

  27. Eggs!! Any type of eggs also I like. Yours look so interesting. like mini patties.hehehhehe

  28. i love eggs too and have to consciously remember my daily egg intake:-(

  29. that's a lot of sauce, won't it get too salty? >.<

  30. Wow, this looks absolutely lip smacking :) Eggs are a favourite at our home too :)

  31. I love eggs too... adding oyster sauce??? Thats a new combination to me! Looks great though

  32. They look so delicious!!!
    perfect for breakfast!!


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