Friday, March 16, 2012

Spicy Grilled Fish

I know. I am aware. Fish recipes in this previous space of mine? Spilled over, spilling over and there will be no stop. Can't help it foodies. Basically because we are not big meat eaters, therefore, the other option mostly is fish without a doubt (Meen Muringakka Kulambu/Drumstick Fish Curry, Chilli Lime Fish & Grilled Fish Sandwich). Yep. What's in store today in terms of our cooking style to fish? Obviously, grilling. Not in the oven though (Curried Roast Chicken). But over the stove top portable grill. The portable grill you can buy within, let's say RM30.00? I honestly, am beginning to like this grilling concept due to less oil is better sometimes (Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf, Grilled Spicy Prawns, Otak-Otak, Grilled Mackerel & Grilled Chicken Wings). The question now is, how do we go by to this Spicy Grilled Fish, Indian style fish? Sardines marinated/mixed with chilli flakes, curry leaves, ginger paste and salt, thereafter grilled (Chilli Soy Fish, Assam Fish Curry, Malaysian Indian Fish Curry, Stingray Spicy Sauce, Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish & Vietnamese Fish Soup). 

8 small fresh sardine fish - de-gut but don't remove the head.
1/2 tsp chilli flakes (or as preferred)
3 sprigs curry leaves - shredded
1/2 tbsp ginger paste
Salt to taste
3 tbsp oil
To serve with
Salad leaves
Lime or lemon - sliced

Mix and marinate fish with all the ingredients listed above except oil.
Cover with glad wrap and keep in the fridge until meal time.
Next is to drizzle oil in a portable grill and grill fish on both sides.
Serve with salad leaves and lime.


  1. Gosh, I could smell the aroma from here. Hahaha! Nice one! Hey Nava, I've just cooked fish too, using a new pan that I've bought :)

  2. ikan kembung....
    when i was young my mum use to cook ikan kembung with kunyit...

  3. I have never cooked a whole fish like that.
    But I do cook with curry leaves and like the taste a lot.

  4. am not really into sardine...maybe i'll try it with other type of fish

  5. Hi!! I bet this dish is super tasty and aroma is just aaahhhhh:).

  6. Another winner! Fresh and sharp! I'm eyeing those salad leaves, one of the few things I can't get here that I miss. Can't find this exact leaves!

  7. Haven't tried using curry leaves in grilled fish! Thanks for this bright idea, Nava!

  8. Wow,,,Nava you tempting me with this Grilled fish,Looks so Yummy with rice and sambal !!

  9. Beautifully done, Nava! I may see if I can grow curry leaves this I can make some of your yummy dishes :)

  10. Yummy grilled fish looks so inviting.

  11. is that kembong fish?? yummmy i love grill fish so much nava, your recipe make me hungry now

  12. this fry looking hot delicious.........loved the presentation....can feel the taste as well...hmmmm..yumyumm....

  13. I love how much flavour must come through wrapping in curry leaves - great idea :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. a grilled sardine fish? would like to try that

  15. Looks really good!!! I just love this fish grilled!

  16. Inviting and so delish a plate please.

  17. super tempting and very inviting fish


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