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Malaysian Sour Spicy Fish Soup Noodles

Alright, alright. Malaysian Sour Spicy Fish Soup Noodles is basically or obviously as you may have noted is Penang Assam Laksa. Similarities are there, yes, but its another different kinda type. Not the same lemme assure you. Of course for those of you who have made assam laksa before or I'm sure assam laksa is a known already tasted before for Malaysians (Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles & Malaysian Fried Mee), you know that the sour spicy (Spicy Thai Noodles) fish broth says its all (Vietnamese Fish Soup). Broth evidently is the core? Absolutely. In fact, for any soupy noodle dish, broth is the one (Penang Mee Yoke, Curry Mee, Curry Chicken Noodles & Bee Hoon Soup). Whereas, noodles and the rest of the ingredients are pretty much your free willy. As you like, as per your taste and as per your preference (Chicken Wanton Soup, Laksam Kelantan, Mee Rojak & Chinese Vegetarian Noodle Soup). Okay? Lets get back to Malaysian Sour Spicy Fish Soup Noodles now. Actually, I have said all of it already right? Noodles soaking in a sour spicy fish soup and garnishes atop. 

For the broth/soup
15 pieces of kembong/mackerel fish
3 pieces of dried tamarind/asam keping (can replace with tamarind juice)
1 lemon grass/serai - crushed
1 small ginger bud - sliced thinly
1 inch galangal/lengkuas - crushed
1/2 litre water
salt to taste

Other ingredient
The noodles itself - blanched to soften (as needed)

For garnishing (as needed)
Pineapple pieces - sliced thinly
Cucumber - sliced thinly
Red onion - sliced thinly
Mint leaves
Red chillies - sliced thinly
Otak udang/shrimp paste
Into a pot, add fish and pour about 1 1/2 litre water.
Let it simmer until fish is tender and soft. 
Remove fish and let it cool down.
Carefully flake out the meat leaving out the bones and head.
Drain broth and pour back into the pot.
Add flaked fish alongside the rest of the ingredients for the broth (only the ingredients for the broth please).
Continue to simmer to a boiling point.
To serve, add noodles in a bowl and pour the broth over.
Top up with garnishing ingredients and serve with a spoon of otak udang/shrimp paste.


  1. Laksa is the food of the gods. Not had the Assam version though. Like the sour notes with the tamarind. Gonna have to give it a try. Thanks.

  2. I also like Asam llaksa....
    When d first time I came to kl for study I ordered laksa....
    It came out curry
    In Ipoh we usually call laksa as Asam laksa....

  3. Yum yum! Your recipe are so professional! Tapi ah, hmmm... I think I m too lazy for this :p

  4. Wow Nava this looks so good! Also had no idea mangosteens can be used as a replacement for tamarind!

  5. I do love food that are spicy and a lil sour. :)


  6. I am sold on this recipe for the mangosteen slices alone - fantastic. I would very much love this for dinner.

  7. Sour as well as spicy-great flavor notes for a soup! This looks like it is very healthy and I like that it does not have a heavy broth. Very light for the warmer weather. Glad that you said the tamarind could sub for the mangosteens, much easier to find. Delicious post.

  8. Can I have a bowl plssss? I like mine with lotss of shrimp paste! =D

  9. This is my favorite, simply irresistible!

  10. Mmm this looks so good!! I love the idea of the pineapple with the sour soup - I bet that combo is fantastic! I seriously wish I had a bowl right now! Yum!

  11. It looks very delicious. Thanks for sharing Nava-K. You should see my last 2 posts. I am sure that you will love it. Thanks..

    Love from Antalya, Turkey.

  12. wow...what a delicious recipe....I always love my fish sour n spicy...I hav never tried a shrimp paste before...this weekend when I go for groceries, I'll get one !

  13. Great dish and lovely presentation. Very very nice!is is chinese dish??

  14. oh, yummy..:) Thanks Nava, I love this..:)

  15. This is indeed a healthy soup with some sour spicy tangy noodles. i don't think some of the things are even available here. may be in some Chinese store. But its a new thing for me.

  16. It's nice to make at home if there are many people to eat with. I love Asam Laksa too..minus the pineapple

  17. The soup sounds awesome! I love tamarind in soups...but I haven't tried using mangosteen. Does it have the same sour taste as tamarind?

  18. I love laksa! I am sure with some vegie alteration, I will fall in love with this recipe :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. I'm drooling over this soup, a lots of great ingredients that I like on this asam laksa YUM,,YUM,,

  20. Thank you everyone for all the loveable comments. I simply drool over assam laksa. You know my kind of food must be sour and spicy.

  21. Delicious! Your other half is real lucky!

    ps: did not know mangosteens can be used!

  22. Major cravings of assam laksa -- want now, so badly!!

  23. your kind of food is just perfect dear!! Love the recipe and the way u described it, since few of the ingredients mentioned is not available here i cannot try, but tamarind and spice i bet it should be lip smackingly delicious

  24. I am a fishaholic so loving this is natural...


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