Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Verona & Milan - (Italy)

Countdown. Sadly though. Two more days only in Italy. Oh-no! Wish there will be no stop to our tour or maybe another at least two days thrown in. Then again? The reality is otherwise? Tour must end and we returning to our daily grind. Undeniably. Where to next (Venice, Florence & Rome)? Verona. By 9.00am, we standing in front of Adige River. Wow! Soothing to your senses view. Admiring the clean water flow of Adige water, and stretching our eyes towards the bridge, the nature wonder scenery of the hills and every bend of Adige. Also, for understanding the meaning, more or less, why Verona is said as a romantic spot in tandem to being a package of timeless monuments, numerous bridges, medieval architectures, Italian food and of course shopping as well.  

Still at leisurely walking up and down and within a close distance of Adige River, our tour guide popped by for guiding us to the rest of the sightseeing spots. The first. Saint Anastasia Church. A six chapel’s Gothic church. The largest church in Verona. And put up in place by the fifteenth century by the Dominicans. Literally spilling with people due to, maybe a specific function or occasion, and we taking a look at Saint Anastasia Church from the outside. 

From Saint Anastasia Church to Scaliger Tombs belonging to the Scaliger family. The important royal family of Verona who ruled Verona from 13th to late 14th century. Scaliger Tombs? Built above ground level and from the wrought icon enclosure, you will see the monuments of the five notable family members and Scaliger Tombs known as the most famous photographic motifs of Verona. 

Along the same route and further down from Scaliger Tombs? Romeo’s House. Romeo? Yes Romeo. Though throughout the years, Romeo's House has been moved around, and this one, supposedly gonna be the permanent address of Romeo. Only outside viewing from the main road because visitors are not allowed inside. Once you have seen Romeo's House, you must also see Juliet's Balcony right? Of course. Just another five minutes walking distance and where you will obviously, see the balcony and Juliet's bronze statue. Picturing by holding Juliet's right breast trust me won't be so easy. You gotto wait for your turn because of the number of tourists throughout the year in Juliet's Balcony. Why touch or hold Juliet's right breast? Love luck and and to keep your current love. True or not? I don't know. Maybe just a myth? Oh, you can also head into the museum. We didn't.

Shopping break next and before bidding bye- bye to our adorable lady Italian guide, followed by lunch. For the next half of the day? We on our own alongside our local guide to Porta Borsari, Piazza Delle Erbe and along the way, a pit-stop at Massanti Houses. Massanti Houses. The best preserved example of Verona's painted town. Painted with bright colored frescoes and fresco on the façade is by Cavalli, pupil of Giulio Roman and these houses belonging to the important families of Verona.

Porta Borsari. The gate. Gate dating back to Roman times, restored with local white limestone in 265AD by Emperor Gallieno and what’s remaining today of this getaway towards Roman city is only the double arched gate. Piazza Delle Erbe on the other hand? Murals, Lamberti Tower, Madonna of Verona, restaurants and shopping. 
End. The end to Verona sightseeing. Next morning,  the finale and final league of our tour. To Lake Como. Our first stop of the day. Located in Lombardy, Northern Italy and Lake Como being one of the famous Italian Lakes destination. Serene and surreal. Honestly. Spending our twenty minutes at Lake Lomo, pretty much walking, picturing and admiring. and prior to hitting the road to Lake Lugano.   

Lake Lugano? Can be seen even before you arrived across the busy street for the broad view of Lake Lugano. In fact, we peeping at Lake Lugano from our coach and once we arrived, our moment to strolling as far or as near to Lake Lugano. Nestled between Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, lying partly in Switzerland and partly in Italy. A charming beauty and remaining popular all throughout the year. Of course, you can also opt for boating or other water activities, we other hand hand given some time for shopping at the branded stores. 

Lunch was next, and then, on our way out and half way through, our coach had to breakdown. By the time help came, Milan city tour couldn't materialize. Instead, the other option once coach was repaired? Franciacorta Outlet Village. Shopping and what not you want to do before dinner and next morning, after breakfast, permanently bidding bye-bye to Italy. 


  1. d sandwich is really delicious.....

  2. I have not seen that many places that serve much of a variety of Panini sandwiches around here. Not sure why. Your sandwich does look tasty.
    We have outlets around here, but they seem to be divided into two types. Upscale ones that sell evening wear and business suits with designer tags and then the casual ones that have stores like the Gap and Old Navy. Glad you enjoyed your visit to the outlet village!

  3. I think we ate breakfast at one of these along the Almalfi coast...something for everyone! I love your travel segments :)

  4. This place looks magnificent - definitely need to hit it when I am lucky enough to go to Italy :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Glad you went with Italian rather than McDonalds!!!

  6. Take out the bacon, then i can eat. Heheh

  7. Oh, Nava! You brought back a RUSH of memories here! When I lived in Sicily - the Autogrills were one of my favorite places to go....they had the BEST paninis! Thank you SO much for sharing! This post is a gift for me- I never took photos of an Autogrill when I was there....

    Happy Valentines Day!

  8. Great alternative to Mc Donalds!! hehehehhe

  9. That mozarella toasted bread looks like a good idea for breakfast, I will make one tomorrow

  10. wow
    look very delicious

    P/S : I Need Your Help :-)


  11. i love the bread with mozzarella :) yummy! one of my fave food, plus the portion there looks big

    Latest: Look out for the Haven!

  12. there's a chinese restaurant in milano, that is owned by a malaysian, the food is really fantastic, got malaysia food & western food as well..

  13. Sounds like a very good place to eat and relax after (window)shopping! Your panini looks so delicious!

  14. The Italians have fast food down to a science--well, they have most food down to a science. A panino on the run is a perfect lunch!

  15. Hi Nava, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. I would love to have a cup of the cappuccino, slurp....
    Have a nice day.

  16. Wow! I would love to visit this fashion capital someday! One can only dream, ha? :D

  17. I love Autogrill! If im not mistaken Autogrill is Italy's R&R cuz i remember seeing it along the highways. The best R&R! They do have a lot of choices there! I miss Italy! :)


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