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Florence - A Day In Florence (Italy)

Time flew. Just like that. It just flew. Within like split hours and at the glimpse of the moment. Our two days in Rome! Oh no! Wish, I sincerely wished we could have stayed back, at least another day for exploring other known or unknown sightseeing spots. Then again? When you are doing Rome route in a tour, I guess only so much once you have covered the essential main sightseeing highlights. Unless of course if you are touring Rome on your own? We definitely had to move on. Whether we liked it or not. But, come to think of it, with another new destination awaiting us? Wah! Let's get moving. Where to? Florence. The start in Florence? Piazzale Michelangelo. A square dedicated to Michelangelo, and designed in 1869 by Florentine architect Giuseppe Poggi. Genuinely appreciated. 

Perfect chilly weather albeit I did shiver and once we stood atop the hill, my-my, what a mesmerising view. Almost, if not a full-scope helicopter view, as far as you can stretch your sight Florence wholesomeness. Oltrarno neighbourhood. Duomo. Arno Valley. Tuscan country side charm and Porta Romano's rambling city wall. This ladies and gentlemen, is the much spoken truth about Florence picturesque. Florence charm right in front of you. Wonderful. Wonderfulness. Wondrous. What else is there in Piazzale Michelangelo? I really can't tell you because besides admiring the monument at the heart of Piazzale Michelangelo, within the next an hour, off we left for Piazza Della Signoria.     

Piazza Della Signoria. Give in and take, half an hour of walking while cold breeze was still at its fancy. What are the historical markers in Piazza Del Signoria? Aplenty sculptures and statues and their significance.   
To sum up, Piazza Del Signoria built at the end of the thirteenth century is one of Florence’s landmarks for holding all cities glorious symbols and located within the same vicinity of Loggia Della Signoria, Palazzo Degli Uffizi, Palazzo Degli Uguccioni and Palazzo Del Tribunale. Also where, apart from the Statue of Michelangelo's David, you will see the 16th century sculptures of Hercules and Cactus, and “Neptune’s Fountain" carved out of marble and bronze, and the bronze equestrian statue of Duke Cosimo, who lived in Florence between 1540 and 1565. These were by far which caught my attention. Of course, you can explore further more as you wish and as you want. Oh, along the way once we started walking to the nearby Italian restaurant for lunch, I couldn't help but pay for being in the arms and alongside the human statues. 

Lunch? What about lunch? Pasta again for three meals in a row from the time we arrived in Italy? As it is, I am no worshiper of Italian food, imagine pasta in creamy sauce, paired alongside a soup and really sweet dessert? Food misery for me personally and our tour buddies agreed as well. We Malaysians? No matter what, we love our rice and our spicy big bold tasting dishes. Anyway, we ate for lining our hunger before walking and arriving in front of Baptistery of St.John. Baptistery of St. John. One of the oldest buildings in Florence, constructed between 1059 and 1128, and named after St. John the Baptist (San Giovanni Battista). Plus, built on the ruins of a Roman house, and rebuilt again several times. Sadly though, since church was close, all we did was admiring the outside architectural structure made from mostly marble and bronze.  

Half an hour in front of Baptistery of St.John and for taking a good glimpse of the surrounding area, followed by walking the walk all the way to Ponte Vecchio where you must see and picture in front of the bridge. The Ponte Vecchio bridge The oldest bridge of Florence’s six bridges. One of the oldest in the world. One of the most iconic sights in Florence and spanning the Arno River in the center of the city of Florence. Trust me, you won't want to miss the bridge. You won't anyway because everyone will be crowding in front and around the bridge. Other than that in Ponte Vecchio? Shopping. Street stalls and shops lined on both sides of the road. Did I shop? Nope. In fact, our two hours in Ponte Vecchio? Honestly, such a waste of our time until after some time, we just stood doing nothing. Ponte Vecchio putting a permanent pull-stop to our sightseeing in Florence, dinner was next and to the hotel.     

Florence. Of course. Don't discount Florence. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and travelling by itself is about seeing and believing for yourself. As well as carrying back with you loads of the experiences.  


  1. Switzerland is one country that I would really want to go. The pictures are so beautiful..

  2. This is one beautiful lake,
    did you pay a visit to Swiss Miniature?

  3. Thomas - no we did not because we were doing this place for just less then a day, like just touching the border.

    1. i was just about to ask about the swiss miniature.. because if you went there, it's like you have visited the whole swiss..

  4. Great photos... never been there!

  5. This is one of my dream vacations...thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos!

  6. wow.. the place looks great!!! I wish i'm there now :)

  7. Beautiful photos, Nava! Hope to get the chance to visit that someday!

  8. That's a great photo--Switzerland has the prettiest lakes.

  9. hi nava, i was very kesen on Switzerland since school day after i read the book "HEIDI" and her granny's home made cheese.. love cheese and Switzerland since then... but never been there yet.. you sure had a great time. have a nice day

  10. wow...what a beautiful view.....nice captures dear :-)

  11. Lucky gal, got to travel to Europe! I miss Europe & these shots are so lovely.

  12. the pic was so nice <3 i wish i can go there one day~

  13. Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments and yes, it was indeed a wonderful experience seeing this lake.

  14. Beautifuuulll....not just the scenery but great pictures taken of them. TQ for sharing. Loved them. You must have enjoyed yourself tremendously. Lucky lucky. :o)

  15. Wow youve been to Switzerland, my family lives there

  16. Nice shoot...

    I wish i'll be there one day... how far from Rome to Lake Lugano. I'm stay Rome but i never heard the Lake.. but after all, its really awesome ^_^


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