Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sushi Tomo Japanese Restaurant - SS2 (PJ)

In SS2. Sushi Tomo Restaurant located in SS2 and me returning to SS2 after like maybe 5 years. Was quite memorable actually. Reflecting back on my SS2 years prior to meeting my friend and we gaining insights from each other over the matter why we met. We started off at the corner coffee shop along the same row as Watsons over some drinks and and then, breaking the serious monotony of the discussion by lunching in Sushi Tomo. Why Sushi Tomo? No particular reason. Just randomly selected amongst the rest of the eateries and walking in after the peak lunch time definitely had its advantages. Hardly any customers and service coming our way immediately. 

What did we order? Trust me, quite a confusing thing due to more than enough choices of set meals, ala-carte dishes, desserts and drinks. In fact, spoilt for choice. In the end, after flipping the pages in the menu like a few times, we settled for Takoyaki Rolls, Sashimi and Temaki Bento, Unagi Age Bento, Green Tea and Coke. 
Takoyaki Rolls

Crispy on the outside and soft melt inside, tucked with bonito flakes tokayaki rolls were quite favourable. 
Temaki Bento

The expected. Sushi roll, salmon raw cuts, salad, pickle and rice. Of course, we need wasabi in soy sauce right? 
Wasabi In Soy Sauce
Unagi Age Bento

Grilled unagi, tofu in soy sauce, salad, pickle and rice. Plus miso soup and a slice of watermelon.
Miso Set
Green Tea

What should I say? Nothing outstanding or out of this world, but credit must be given for this decent meal. Price wise? RM60.35?? You decide.

No 8, Jalan SS2/67
Petaling Jaya
Tel:  03-78776485.

Sushi Tomo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. nice.. i like it even more if japanese cook food right in front of you...

  2. This was a fairly nice choice since it was picked out of the blue. The Bento does have some tasty items to it, especially the Takoyaki rolls. Trying different restaurants that deviate from the things you normally eat is fun and I am glad you enjoyed the lunch. Thanks for sharing your dining adventure!

  3. Sounds great! I love Japanese food, and especially the rolls look wonderful.

  4. i love japanese food.....must try...

  5. That looks so delicious -- I must try it the next time I visit back to Malaysia.

    ps: I used to work at SS2 :)

  6. I love Tempura and usually like to take my Japanese food with green tea too. And btw thanks for letting me know about the broken links with regards to my blog, did not change anything, Blogger gets a bit faulty at times I suppose.

  7. hi there nava-k, it's a good day today? isn't it? anyway, i have an award for you. care to claim it on my latest post? :)

  8. What a wonderful restaurant description - I am sure you enjoyed it very much! All the dishes look so exotic and oriental :)

    Choc Chip Uru @ Go Bake Yourself
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  9. I love authentic Japanese restaurants, but sad to say, they are hard to find around here.
    Glad to know that you enjoyed your unplanned lunch at Sushi Tomo! The bentos look fantastic:)

  10. I love bento boxes--they make the absolute perfect lunch!

  11. everything looks fabulous lovely restaurant

  12. You do great restaurant reviews, tell it like it is, and I appreciate that honesty. It all looks fabulous to me, but being there to taste is the only way to judge!

  13. Am not really into Korean and japanese food but my hubi likes them

  14. Everything looks delicious and I LOVE Bento Boxes!

  15. I crave for Japanese food every week. Somehow I find it very refreshing and healthy. =)

  16. Thank you everyone for all the comments and love each one of it.
    Lizzy - wow! you made my day and thanks for the support.

    Like I have mentioned, this place will get a pass and was sure a worth the try.

  17. hi nava, its been a while, i also like japanese food especially sushi.. and strange, i never eat or like to eat unagi except for the japanese grilled unagi..
    their grilled unagi tastes so delicious.. have a nice day

  18. Looks like a sumo wrestler will serve you.

  19. At last I found a way to comment, it still does not work for Firefox and Chrome but with IE it works. Anyways takoyaki is one of the top 3 dishes I really love, I love everthing about it, its texture and its flavour

  20. I love Japanese Food! This place looked pleasant with those bamboos and the sumo wrestler. Must make a note to visit it. :o)

  21. OMIGOSH!!!!

    I want sashimi and takoyaki!!!

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  22. I love Japanese food and this restaurant looks awesome.

  23. haikkkk... takhasih murahnek... (^_^)


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