Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rome - 2 Days Of Rome, Italy

My travelling story. Honestly, never had one. For a matter of fact, sincerely, lemme repeat myself again. Never. Why? My life. God! Been really a roller coaster. Mostly downers and hardly anything great I should speak about. Furthermore, money by itself? I hardly could safe. Whatever I earned, all of it gone for my daily and monthly commitments. Even love? Such a mess for years and years until my first marriage crumbled. However, for the last 10 years or so, things have been working out. I met my second love before settling down and once we worked our butts out to put money and whatever needed into perceptive, I actually saw the travelling light shining at the end of the tunnel. The first shining light? Wow! Took both of us to Italy in a tour. Oh-my-god! I couldn't believe it. Me in Italy? Yep. A long haul flight from Malaysia before arriving and clearing out of “Leonardo da Vinci – Fiumicino Airport by 10.00am and prior to starting our sightseeing immediately. Where to? Of course, Rome was the start. Two days in Rome.  

Such a wonder. A world spoken wonder of god. Unbelievable. Honestly, goose bumps as I walked into Vatican City. Literally. Don’t ask why and what not, I actually sensed god’s presence, albeit I am not the most holiest grain. Yet, you gotto believe me. God moved me. Me standing in front of the church and so lucky we were that Pope was in Vatican City on this day. Of course, we couldn't get any close to him due to the hurricane of people, as well as tight security. Then again, what are the screens for? You can still see him. 

Vatican City. World's smallest state, funded and managed by donations, and where Peter the apostle, the first Pope was crucified and buried. Vatican City, designed by Michelangelo was so spic and span, and faultless and flawless. Really well maintained. An hour of our time standing, also walking as far as we could and seeing whatever that caught our attention before permanently bidding bye-bye to Vatican City. Vatican City. Still memorable till this day. Let's see how. You never know what the future holds. Maybe I will make it a point to return to Vatican City? I want to by the way. 

Haven. The haven of Rome. The structure of Colosseum by itself from the far distance and as we walked closer. Can you imagine how it would have been standing in front of this largest Roman Empire amphitheatre in the world? Holy-oh-my-jolly! Utterly stunning. “Arch of Constantine” right in front and the arch at 25m height, built in AD315 to mark the victory of Constantine over Maxentius at Pon Milvius on October 312 and as walked closer and closer, till the entrance of Colosseum for queuing up amongst the rest of the people before? Walking our way into Colosseum. 
Darn historical. From floor to floor till the top for the birds eye view and broad spectrum on the inside of Colosseum. Given almost two hours for doing as we please in Colosseum, ladies and gentlemen, this is the back then many, many years ago amphitheatre which accommodated at least 50,000 spectators for a live experience of gladiators wrestling animals.  

From Colosseum, to Trevi Fountain. Like what? No doubt really significant, but with literally like the whole world crowding around during this summer? Trust me, best of luck to you for a close view of Trevi Fountain if you can, and let's not even talk about trying to squeeze in between for picturing. Goodness me! Thank god I managed. What else can you do besides seeing Trevi Fountain? You can shop, you can eat at the cafes, you can just idle your time away or you can walk up and down along the whole stretch of narrow lane. Oh, we also threw a coin into the fountain which is say to, for bringing you back to Trevi Fountain again? Do I want to return again to Trevi Fountain. Not really. What else did we do? We didn't miss out on tasting Italian Gelato from Trevi Café. Super creamy, super smooth and super lip smacking. Yum.

The end to Trevi Fountain and while on our way out, we glimpsed at Castel Sant’Angelo which by far, as far as I know is connected to St. Peter’s Basilica. Just a glimpse from the moving coach and nothing more.  

Basically, the famous steps. 135 steps exactly. Steps where people sit, stand, climb up to get down at the other side or at you pleasure and leisure. Our 20 minutes in Spanish Steps was nothing more than picturing and looking at the surrounding within this rather small square. Regardless, Spanish Steps must be included in your trip to Rome. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of coming this far right? Spanish Steps officially drew the curtain for our this first day in Rome. Of course, in between we tucked into lunch and after leaving Spanish Steps, dinner and to our hotel.     
Day 2
Approximately an hour plus journey from our hotel, followed by hopping into a bus and here we were in Pisa. Hundreds and hundreds of people and in the carnival like atmosphere, and we walking alongside them from the main road and via the lane lined, side by side stalls on both sides. Thereafter, Learning Tower of Pisa right in front of us. A must see, a must do because Leaning Tower Of Pisa has already been named as one of the great icons of Europe. Constructed over 177 years ago and with 294-steps for taking you till the bell chamber. Did we go up to the bell chamber? No, we didn't. Of course, picturing in front of Learning Tower of Pisa? Absolutely. 

What else is there in Pisa? In this particular huge area? Two churches. Baptistery of St. John and Cathedral of Pisa. Baptistery of St. John is the largest baptistery in Italy and at almost 55 meters high, slightly higher compared to Learning Tower and which we viewed from the outside only. The other, of course, as I have already told you is Cathedral of Pisa and we buying tickets for viewing the inside where you will see the Gothic style masterworks of medieval sculptures of Giovanni Pisano and everything related and co-related to god.  

Subsequently? Lunch at the nearby Italian restaurant. Obviously, had to Italian food which? Duh? Me the typical Malaysian and Italian food? Specifically bread for starting off and then, pasta and dessert? Sorry guys, nothing I would like to mention. I did tuck in though, but? Not my kinda meal.    
For the next two hour till 4.00pm? As we wish whereby we took a look at the things sold at the stalls for killing time. And then, dinner by 7.00pm before returning to our hotel.   


  1. wowwwwwwwwwww..Ms.Nava..the place looks so peaceful..I want to live I am stunned..thank you for sharing this to us Ms.Nava ;)

  2. This looks like a beautiful place to visit. My hubby and I like to go to more country places than inner city and I know we would enjoy this place. Your picture do convey the tranquility of it all. Thanks for sharing your stop in to Lake Como and have a great day!

  3. I was there in Lugano for a short trip over the alps from Baden
    where i was having a training.

  4. Won't miss anything, when ever we come.

  5. Hi Nava, I went to Italy last year but did not visit Lake Como. The place look so beautiful. TQ 4 d pictures. Have a pleasant time in Italy...look forward to more pictures and info. :o)

  6. I have really loved your Italy posts--I was really close to Lake Como last year and can't believe I didn't go!

  7. This is just amazing!
    My friend was supposed to get married here this year but they changed their mind. This is what we missed!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  8. This is a beautiful place. Nice photos.

  9. Stunning! When I lived in Italy it was one place I didn't get to that I regret. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I went to Lake Como too few years ago when I visited Milan. The place is so serene & I'd a great time there. Thks for sharing these pix with me, bringing back old memories......

  11. I hope to visit Milan someday. It looks so gorgeous :)

  12. Thank you everyone for all the sharing and comments. Oh yes, it was an amazing place but nothing much we did here except the photo shots and walking around.

  13. Stunning and lovely place to visit and of course for parting shot this is one of the nice place to snap and snap photos.

  14. What a life! Thank you for sharing so I can feel as if I was there too. Gorgeous!

  15. yes, lake como is a must visit if u're in milan..can't wait your entry about lugano..

    if u don't mind, please help me by click like this

    very much appreciated..thanks..

  16. great view. but i bet it's too cold for swimming?


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