Friday, January 13, 2012

Grilled Fish Sandwich

Fish and us? God (Vietnamese Fish Soup, Shark Curry, Thai Green Fish Curry, Kerala Fish Fry, Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish & Tuna Cutlets). I say nothing further. Fish and fish and fish. Today however, its a different fish story. Grilled tucked into bread slices (Lamb Burger). Grilled Fish Sandwich basically.  So how? Grilled dory, vegetables and sauces and all of these packed in bread.  

For the fish (or any other fish fillet, suited for grilling)
2 pieces (each about 100g) dory fish
Dried rosemary, pepper and salt - as needed 
1 tbsp olive oil 

Other ingredients
6 slices of bread
2 slices of cheese
1 tomato (sliced)
1/4 zucchini/cucumber (sliced)
2-3 handfuls of salad leaves (shredded)

Sauces (as needed)
Thai chilli sauce
Yellow mustard sauce
Yogurt/sour cream
*** as per taste

Season  fish with rosemary, pepper and salt.
Heat a portable grill and pour oil in. 
Place fish inside and grill on both sides. 
Remove and keep aside.
Do the same for the bread slices;  grill on both sides and remove.

To assemble:
Layer or fill toasted bread with fish and veggies and drizzle sauce(s) in between.
(Note: I used 3 slices of bread for each sandwich but its up to you on high you want to pile up).
That's it.


  1. OMGH!! You are a genius. I have a slice of dory frish in the freezer too and *shame shame* a whole loaf of bread in freezer too. Maybe I'll just make this tmw. Thanks for the idea

  2. I love dory fish, but haven't had it in a sandwich. looks like a whopper of a sandwich that I'd like to try.

  3. You make the sandwich looks so good!


  4. Fish sandwiches are not too common around here, but that does not mean that I do not relish the thought of having one. Your sandwich does sound like it would satisfy, especially with not one but two sauces. Great elements pulled together-yum! Well worth trying.

  5. great looking and yummy fish sandwich,never have doryfish,but I'm sure i will like it :)

  6. I am very picky about fish. Don't know how dory fish look like. I love the sauces you have used in sandwich.

  7. This sounds so good to me! As gross as this is I've actually always loved the fish sandwiches from mcdonalds & other fast food places. (not that I'm comparing!) I've never had dory fish but your sandwich looks amazing! Certainly much better than anything from McDs!

  8. That is a serious sandwich! I have never put zucchini on a sandwich, but I bet it would be a great addition.

  9. Sandwich looks very yummy and filling...Love the sauces that yo have used..

  10. I dont know about dory fish.. wow.. is she the one from the film finding nemo? I would love to taste that one too. sounds exciting to taste.. :) such a great dish.

  11. Now THAT's a SANDWICH! YUMMY, Nava! Thanks for sharing!

  12. hi nava, oooooooooooooooo a very thick sandwich, i love this kind, great for lunch..dory fish is yum yum too.
    thanks and have a nice day dear

  13. Thanks everyone for all the sharing and comments. Dory fish is not that expensive over here, the meat is soft and since we eat fish most of time, this sandwich was a good change.

  14. This looks lovely. Just what I need when it's cold!


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