Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kayu Nasi Kandar (Taipan, Subang Jaya)

At Kayu Nasi Kandar, for a plate of rice, alongside curry dishes, fried ikan/fish, crispy fried ayam/chicken, kunyit/turmeric cabbage or cucumber salad, it is about standing in the long queue and pointing to the dishes, thereafter carrying your filled up plate to the empty table, thereafter calling for drinks and tucking into your meal. For our lunch meal on this Saturday, I opted for nasi beriyani, curried mutton chops, deep fried chicken liver, chicken gizzard, gun powder/chilli flakes and to volume up the spiciness, a raw green chilli. Half-half on the other hand opted for white rice, kunyit cabbage and the same mutton chops and gun powder. Then arrived the carrot juice, orange juice and a plate of papadam we called for.

Mutton chops is  as spectacular as ever - tender to its core, meat easily ripped off from the big bone and cooked with lots of spices for the spicy flavours. The gun powder/spicy chilli flakes - the signature at this outlet is a lovely addition for rice meals, whereas chicken gizzard was rough and tough as always and the cabbage, simply fried for the simple taste.

After heartily tucking into our meal, while sipping the drinks, our eyes almost popped out when settling the bill for RM40.00. Obviously, prices has shot high up and seriously, returning to this nasi kandar outlet will be a question mark.

No 23, Jalan USJ 10/1
UEP Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Kayu Manis Nasi Kandar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Hi Nava, you're back from holiday? How was your trip?

    The nasi kandar is to die for, yum yum... I always love spicy food.

    Have a lovely evening

  2. That mutton chop looks delicious! I have so many places I want to go, I should start a folder of restaurants to visit when I manage...

  3. I dare not go for nasi kandar coz heard many people say it's over priced. One plate can go up to rm20. Hmm...maybe i should try it once at least can say have tried before.

    There is a new shopping mall near NST Shah alam/glenmarie called Space8. Only 3-4shops open la. Very new. Today we went makan there. Hardware Cafe top floor. They have western, local and some other dishes. I had their Mango Sambal Squid with steamed rice. taste pretty good. Very pedas for me. Maybe suits you since you can stand spicy food :)

  4. The color of your food makes it so enticing!! Great lunch, Nava!

  5. Not sure if my comment is pending or not, anyhow..
    Your lunch does look amazing, I can definitely understand why you have been here more than once. The mutton looks especially tasty. Great pics and
    thanks for sharing your dining adventure!

  6. Everything on the plate make my mouth watering,,,looks so good :0

  7. That flatbread looks fabulous! Envying your adventurous eating.

  8. Mmm! Looks like a great meal! Love that mutton chop, yum! Those juices look super refreshing too :) Buzzed

  9. Is this a scheduled post or r u back?? Mmmm.... this is an interesting share. Will kiv this the next time I visit M'sia.

  10. Everything sounds so delicious....and spicy! However, I know you enjoy your spicy foods! Thanks for sharing, Nava!

  11. I eat there before he he yeah the price is kinda shockingly as the size of the food as well... :D yup consider worth paying also cause the food taste great!!

  12. I like curry mutton though! :D


  13. Thanks everyone for all the sharing and comments. Yes, the mutton was good but I think its becoming expensive at this place.

    Shirley - I am still in Bangkok, just found some time in between and will be back by the weekend.

  14. Oh yeah price-y but it's one of my fav place... Kayu.


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