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Woo Ga Chon Korean Restaurant - Sunway Mentari (Sunway)

Lunch with my colleagues is pretty straightforward. There's always "Asia Cafe" or somehow or rather, we will walk our way to a nearby eatery. Lunch with a close friend for a private moment on the other hand is about venturing a little further. With this friend of mine who was back to Malaysia after settling down in Saudi and I have not seen for two years, we stumbled upon Woo Ga Chon Korean restaurant by chance while driving around Sunway Mentari. Clock by then had ticked after 2pm, causing our hunger pangs to cloud our thoughts, good thing as well because Woo Ga Chon Korean Restaurant was literally empty, which means we don't have to await around for service. Sure enough, service came at once, we flipped through the menu, in between we had a discussion on what to order.

Woo Ga Chon Korean Restaurant is not really any much different compared to other Korean restaurants. Somewhat featuring similar dishes, we ordered Grilled Lamb, Grilled Pork, Korean Omelette and Korean Seafood Soup.
Starting our meal with the so called customary Korean dishes, we nibbled the various types of sides and then tackled the grilled pork and grilled lamb.

Our table indeed was packed with bountiful dishes, we tried to finish off the sides, which by the way had already filled up my small appetite. Still, I didn't want to miss out on the 4 dishes, in fact all of it seemingly were tempting. Korean Seafood Soup was my kind of soupy dish, not really spicy but its flavours and the veggies inside were also appreciated. I didn't care much for the seafood lazily swimming inside the soup, my friend on the other hand didn't mind helping herself to prawns and sotong especially.
Korean omelette was likened for its spiciness, eggs fried alongside onion, meat and green chillies. Lovely.
Our lunch feast then continued with the hot plate grilled lamb and pork. Well seasoned for their mildly salty-sweet tastes, indeed another hearty portion as the Seafood Soup. We had to literally force ourselves over the succulent meat pieces which fared quite right, accompanied with more side dishes including a salad, sweet soup and watermelon. 

Finishing off whatever we could, we agreed that its a lovely tasty meal. RM100.00 is not cheap, but the problem was that we called for more than we can digest. By far, this meal is actually fit for at least four people.

17-G, Jalan Mentari
PJS 8/10, Bandar Sunway
Tel:  03-56301051

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  1. I love Korean food,they serve small potions of side dish,after finished eating the side , I'm full le....hahahha

  2. Wow, that looks like a true feast! I love Korean food, and it seems like you got a few not so often seen abroad dishes, too! :)

  3. I passed by that area just now. SO many steamboat restaurant there. Really dont know where to eat LOL

  4. That's a sign of a good restaurant...when you want to order everything off the menu! You'll have to go back and try some of the items you all looks delicious~

  5. The thing I love about Korean Restos are the side dishes... I just can't get enough of kimchi! :)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  6. No doubt this was an enjoyable meal! I love trying new restaraunts, but it does have its ups and downs, but it looks like you made an excellent choice to try out this one.

  7. a hundred bucks? wow. thought of trying when i saw the pics but now i better think twice haha

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  8. Korean restaurant... always leave with full tummy. Haha

  9. Korean foods are one of the best food in the world! Infact, i just had a bibimbap. LOL!! :)

  10. wow a feast Ms.Nava..a tummy full day hehehe ;)

  11. Thank you for all the comments everyone. Like I said, they food was great and plenty to eat but whether paying that amount was worth it is another story here.


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