Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to get Ombre Nails?

Connie Wang from Refinery29 shared: “We turned Refinery29 HQ into a mini laboratory-salon of sorts with our own Production Editor Lisa Dionisio and Photo Editor Christy Kurtz at the manicure-helm, and tried out this simple nail-art trick for fall that have been making appearances on our own staffers' stylish digits.”

Ombre Nails—Counter to first impressions, you don't need an airbrush to master this look. All you need are two polish colors and a good dabbing hand!

Step 1: Start by painting the darker color in a rough U-shape. Don't forget to lay it on thick!
Step 2: Next, fill in empty space with the lighter color. Wipe off the excess polish, and start swirling where the polishes meet.
Step 3: A layer of topcoat will help blend the colors together more!


  1. Quite pretty...I could probably swing this on my toes :)

  2. This is pretty cool. I don't wear nail polish on my hands because I cook so much and I'm too rough on it - but like Lizzy - this might go on my toes!

  3. So interesting. Like Ann, I don't wear nail polish either, but not because I cook but because I do a lot of handmade stuff as a hobby and I keep my nails very short. But this looks really nice, perhaps I can wear it on a certain occasion.

  4. Swirling with what? Like, the orange stick?^^

  5. Interesting post.. Looks very pretty Nava :-)

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