Monday, October 17, 2011

Bitter Gourd Sambar

Unusual? Bitter gourd in dal curry? I don't think so. Not as far as I know. You should try if you have not. Bitter gourd, overall, much needed, maybe not when we were younger, but as age trends in front of us (Bitter Gourd Prawn Curry)? Furthermore, once you cook bitter gourd after soaking in salt, thereafter thoroughly rinsed, you have to trust me. Not as bitter as you would have imagined or expected. Bitter Gourd Sambar therefore (Indian Dhal Curry, Mutton Dhal Curry & Fish Sambar)? I am not saying anything. Make and you let me know. 

1 1/2 cup dhal/lentils - soak for an hour
 1 tsp turmeric powder
5 Indian bitter gourd - remove seeds and slice 
2 red  chillies & 1 green chilli - sliced into 3-4 pieces
6 shallots - remove skin
6 garlic - remove skin
1 tsp cumin seeds 
3 sprigs curry leaves
2 tbsp oil
1/2 lime - extract juice
1/2 liter of water
Salt to taste

Simmer dhal with turmeric powder and 1 liter of water till half cooked.
Add bitter gourd, chillies, shallots and garlic.
Let it simmer; to soften gourd. 
Heat oil in a pan and when heated, very quickly fry cumin and curry leaves.
Tip into dhal mixture.
Stir in lime juice and season with salt.
Remove from heat.


  1. ooo didnt know that can use Bitter gourd to make curry. I wonder how the curry taste like

  2. First time saw this curry bitter gourd.I wonder how it taste too.

  3. I didn't know you could eat gourd! I've never even tried as I thought you couldn't. I bet this warms you up on a cold evening!

  4. I love bitter gourd! This sounds like a great curry, Nava!

  5. hi nava, simply delicious, an appetizer for me. good recipe for me to try and eat bitter gourd more often

  6. Congrats on your Top 9!!! Such exciting news!

    And how interesting that bitter gourd is helpful controlling blood sugars. I'm not sure I've ever seen that ingredient in our markets, but I'm going to keep looking~

  7. I don't have bitter melon for long time,,,i bet this taste good with curry and bay leaf.

  8. I love curry, but I've never had bitter gourd....I'm curious as to the taste as well. It it truly bitter? sour? or does it get mild with cooking?

  9. This curry sounds really tasty - and good to know the health benefits of it too =)

  10. It's interesting to see this dish. So u gals don't remove the skin before cooking? Mmmm.... is it bitter?

  11. Thanks for all the comments everyone.
    As for the taste - slightly bitter though.
    Shirley - no need to remove the skin as this is how I have been cooking the bitter gourd.
    Very good for diabetics as natural remedy.

  12. I only know a few bitter gourd recipes so thanks for this one I have another one to make

  13. A beautiful recipe, perfect for a nice meal. It seems really rich in flavor and I love the fact that it has a lot of vegetables.

  14. I use to make this but I cut bitter gourd in to tiny pieces

  15. WOW! This looks so healthy and flavorful!

  16. Lovely... we do it too from spring to summer ... yours look đź‘Śđź‘Ś


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