Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet Chilli Chicken

Okay, okay! Stop panicking. Sweetness in this Sweet Chilli Chicken (Chicken Vegetable Soup, Sesame Chicken, Butter Chicken & Salted Egg Chicken) is not from sweet chilli sauce or sugar by itself. It is on the other hand from raisins. Just 1/2 a handful or at your pleasure as per your taste. A tiny bit of sweetness will not ruin your health. Moreover, when its from raisins? In fact sweetness from raisins, saltiness from soy sauce and spiciness from red chillies is a merger food Malaysian delightfulness. Yes. It is. Please don't doubt this Malaysian. She knows what she is talking about. Succulent and slightly crispy on the outside chicken, coated in a spicy-sweet-salty thick sauce (Cashew Masala Chicken, Tom Yam Chicken, Ayam Masak Merah & Indian Chicken Curry). Chinese style of course (Chinese Black Vinegar Chicken). You mean Indians cook this style? I don't know. You tell me please and you make it and pleasure into it. 

400g/ 1/4 chicken - cut into bite sizes
3 red chillies - sliced into medium size pieces
1/2 inch ginger - sliced thinly
5 garlic - sliced thinly
1tsp lime juicei
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
50g (1/2 handful) raisins
2 sprigs coriander leaves - sliced thinly
Spring onions for garnishing (optional)
3 tbsp oil
Salt for taste (taste before adding)

In heated oil, saute chillies, ginger and garlic.
Add chicken, stir and pour water (about 1/4 cup).
Simmer till chicken becomes tender.
Add lime juice, soy sauce, raisins and salt.
Stir all together till chicken is coated with a dry thick gravy.
Off heat and combine in coriander leaves.
Garnish with spring onions.


  1. This looks very good and I have yet to use raisins in a savory dish, although I have eaten dishes with them in it.

  2. I love the idea of this little sweet raisin surprise!

  3. What an innovative idea to use raisin in chili chicken...will try it soon...

  4. Raisins are totally underrated! Great recipe :) Buzzed!

  5. Your food photos have been so lovely and enticing recently! Any dish with chiles, ginger and garlic is A-OK with me~

  6. a must try ms.nava..I also cook but never have i tried adding raisins on my chili chicken..I'll try it next time..thank you ms.nava for this recipe :)

  7. Nava - this is delicious! I LOVE raisins in savory dishes! Another winner and a great photo!

  8. Yum! I've never tried raisins in my chili chicken!

  9. Thank you for all the adorable and wonderful comments everyone, appreciate it very much.

  10. This dish looks yummy...I have never tried it with raisins...but I am sure the raisins will add the natural sweetness to the dish...

  11. I love chicken I think it's the perfect meat. Thanks for this great recipe :D

  12. I never had tried raisins with chicken yet but we use this in pork dishes

  13. This is easy to make and looks delicious.

  14. Though am a vegetarian, i loved the idea of adding raisins to a chicken dish... am sure it would add to the flavour :)


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