Saturday, September 24, 2011

Restaurant Sri Paandi (Section 11, Petaling Jaya)

For a satisfying banana leaf meal, we can't think of another eatery except Restaurant Sri Paandi. Maybe because of its location which is not really far from where we are, banana leaf meals in Sri Pandi too have not yet, so far let us down. That's why logically, we are regularly, lets say once a month in Sri Paandi, mainly for lunch, every now and then, we do pop by for dinner. But definitely, I will vouch on banana leaf lunch, whereas, for dinner, we usually opt for a lighter meal over tosai or chappati. Service in Sri Paandi is regarded as prompt, at the feet of the foreign Indian workers, and choices are aplenty throughout the day. From morning till late night. I can't exactly tell you what time is the closing time, neither if its a 24 hours eatery, but one thing is assured. You do have choices to a good spread of Indian dishes, palaharam/Indian cakes/desserts and what not.

On this day, after a long break, we returned again to Sri Paandi for dinner. My other half-half opted for freshly made rava/suji tosai, whereas I longed for a banana leaf meal. Perhaps because, as I have already said, its been some time since I finger tucked into such a rice meal. Once we sat, banana leaves were laid, in quite a jiffy, tosai was seated on one of it, the other leaf, mine, filled with a tiny mountain of rice, vegetables sides, papadam, chutneys, pickle and curries. We also called for a plate of chicken varuval/dry style, the other was fried fish/ikan bulus and of course, who can say no to teh tarik for such a meal. Not us though. 

Other half-half enjoyed the bitsy of green chillies and onion, crispy and thin Rava Tosai alongside coconut chutney, tomato chutney and sambar, while at the same time nibbling over the fried fish. He basically loved this meal.

I had also by now tucked into my rice meal, which fared quite right. However, the chicken dish was rather salty for me. I didn't want to eat after one piece. We informed the waiter who showed the plate of chicken to the lady cashier, they spoke, I don't know what about, he then returned to inform us that nothing is wrong with it. Instead of debating or arguing, we just left it as it is.
Thereafter, once we have finished off our meal, washed down with tea tarik, at the counter while paying the bill (RM25.00), we were told that chicken dish is not charged. Wow! Isn't it great? Of course. So, there will no two ways about returning again to Sri Paandi.

Sri Paandi is situated at
4. Jalan 11, Seksyen 2C-2D
Petaling Jaya.

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  1. One teh tarik and rava tossai for me.

  2. Oh MY! that seems quite a spread - Dosa looks crisp and appealing :)

  3. thank you for the comments. Was a good try out but I think it would have been better for lunch as dinner for the freshness of the curries.

  4. Is this the 1 Seri Paandi yang ada @ Brickfield and bangsar? SEDAP!

  5. I love Indian food!! I could use teh tarik right now..=p

  6. Wow, that looks amazing. I don't know how much RM 25,00 is in dollars but it seems you guys had a big feast. That chicken looks amazing, yum!

  7. strange food for me and something that i haven't tasted it.. but i do love curry

  8. Food served on a banana leafe....that's pretty cool!

  9. thanks for the lovely comments everyone, banana leaf food is very common over here for us.

  10. Hello - i loved reading this post. It actually made me very homesick and very hungry at the same time. Growing up in Singapore my family and I would go for curries nearly every sunday!What I would do for a good curry right now

  11. New follower. Fantastic meal, love all the pictures. Congrats on top 9.


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