Saturday, September 24, 2011

Restaurant Sri Paandi (Section 11, Petaling Jaya)

Our familiar ground. Maybe not like always, but whenever the thought of Restaurant Sri Paandi pops up. Especially for a banana leaf meal and also due to the convenience of location from where we stay. What can you expect in Restoran Sri Paandi? Like I have already told you, banana leaf meal and other choices can be roti canai, chappati, tosai, idli and snacks for tea time. Worthy mentioning is their service and you can pop by from morning till their shutters come down late at night.  

Back to Restaurant Sri Paandi on this particular Sunday for an early dinner and while walking in, we did notice the snacks at the front table and prior to us taking our seats.
What did we order? My other half-half opted for freshly made rava/suji tosai, whereas I settled for banana leaf meal. In a jiffy, banana leaves were laid and by the time we knew, tosai atop one of the leaves and in the other, a tiny mountain of rice, vegetables sides, papadam, chutneys, pickle and curries. Plus, we also called for a plate of chicken varuval/dry style and fried fried fish/ikan bulus, and teh tarik is always a sheer mouth pleasure for an Indian meal?  Of course if you are asking me. 

Other half-half enjoyed the thin crispy Rava Tosai eaten alongside coconut chutney, tomato chutney and sambar and while at it, he nibbled the fried fish. He basically loved this meal.

What about me and banana leaf meal? Fared quite right. However, chicken varuval was sort of, off-track. Overly salty until I didn't want to eat after the first piece and we also made it known to the waiter who in return spoke to the lady at the counter and later, informing us that nothing is wrong with chicken varuval. Is it? Anyway, we didn't want say anything further and I still wouldn't go ahead and eat.
When it came to paying (RM25.00), we were told we don't have to pay for chicken varuval. Wow! Isn't it great? Of course. 

Sri Paandi
4. Jalan 11, Seksyen 2C-2D
Petaling Jaya.

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  1. One teh tarik and rava tossai for me.

  2. Oh MY! that seems quite a spread - Dosa looks crisp and appealing :)

  3. thank you for the comments. Was a good try out but I think it would have been better for lunch as dinner for the freshness of the curries.

  4. Is this the 1 Seri Paandi yang ada @ Brickfield and bangsar? SEDAP!

  5. I love Indian food!! I could use teh tarik right now..=p

  6. Wow, that looks amazing. I don't know how much RM 25,00 is in dollars but it seems you guys had a big feast. That chicken looks amazing, yum!

  7. strange food for me and something that i haven't tasted it.. but i do love curry

  8. Food served on a banana leafe....that's pretty cool!

  9. thanks for the lovely comments everyone, banana leaf food is very common over here for us.

  10. Hello - i loved reading this post. It actually made me very homesick and very hungry at the same time. Growing up in Singapore my family and I would go for curries nearly every sunday!What I would do for a good curry right now

  11. New follower. Fantastic meal, love all the pictures. Congrats on top 9.


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