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DIY Your Own Scallop Shorts

Remember we told you about the Scalloped Shorts Trend? Now this pair of Denim Scallop Shorts costs about $80 from We found this tutorial from pagesixsixsix who shows you how you can DIY a pair by using any pair of old jeans!

Scalloped shorts will ALWAYS be in style- they’re undeniably adorable.  Finding the perfect pair of scalloped shorts, however, could be difficult. Here are the easy DIY steps to making your own pair of scalloped shorts!
Needed. Scissors. Thread. Needle. Marker. Ruler. Cardboard Instructions. Pick out a pair of shorts, any fabric, that you would like to work with.. Zip up and button the shorts so that the seams line up evenly.. On the side of each leg of the shorts, mark where you would like to start cutting. Make the mark long enough so that it is viewable on the opposite side of the jeans.
Find a piece of cardboard, and a small circular shape. Trace two straight parallel lines, about 2 inches apart, on your piece of cardboard. . Take your small circular shape and in between the lines, trace half of the circle about 4 or 5 times.. Cut out the circular shapes that are on your cardboard, and one leg at a time, hold it up to your fabric and cut along your cardboard cutout.. Repeat on the opposite leg.Fantastic!

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  1. Wee,I think my niece will love this. But...I would have to make it for her! TQ for sharing.

  2. Yes, the young one will like this trend although I passed it long time ago.

  3. This is a lovely idea, I am a huge fan of shorts and hmm this is a must-try for me. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving a comment. Following you now, it would be awesome if we followed each other.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  4. LOL, Nava...I'm with you! These are darling but not on my legs :) They'd be cute on my daughter~

  5. The minute they come in style LONGER, I'll wear them...because I think they're adorable!

  6. I bet we will soon see a lot of these pants around KL. I saw 1 lady wearinng "scallop" thingy today but it was a blouse. Someting like butterfly sort but tastefully done.

  7. thanks everyone for the lovely comments.

  8. These are just lovely! I might have to make some for my God Daughter as I've only got boys in my house :)

  9. What's the purpose of the thread? You've not given any instructions for it...

  10. V - please see the pics on the purpose of the thread. Its used to hold the scallops in place before the cardboard and cutting it.

  11. Sally - sorry I am unable to answer your question. All needed infor are as stated in this posting.

  12. This would also look cute with lace underneath the scallops, also a hot trend right now

  13. what about fraying?

  14. These scalloped shorts are so trendy! Check out other DIY projects in my collection! Make your own collection too! I'd love to see more of your projects!

  15. dont ever wash them if you don't finish them off... the scallops will fray and all that work is for nothing. If you notice the model in the top photo has a stich just above the scallop all the way around to stop the fray.


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