Sunday, August 28, 2011

Restaurant In House - Arabic Cuisine (Solaris Damansara)

From Shah Alam to Solaris Damansara. For me personally, quite a distance until I didn't dare drive. In fact, I didn't even know where Solaris is. So, I drove to Subang Jaya and after parking, I hopped into a taxi and the taxi driver. Taking me round and round in circles within the vicinity of Solaris before finally dropping me off. Why in the first place I had to be in Solaris? Supposedly a beauty treat which of course must go up on my blog. Beauty treat? Trust me, not only ended up mind blogging, but leaving behind bruises and pain on my body for a week until I can't even be bothered about writing. Literally hell! Not even worth being spoken about. The things bloggers don't tell you about sponsored post? Anyway, before returning home, I decided to fill up my tummy. Restaurant In House Arabic Cuisine right at the front block you won't miss seeing.  

Restaurant In House Arabic Cuisine. My god. I thought I was in a foreign land. Malaysians and foreigners. They were behaving as though they are a class about the rest. You should have seen the Malay girls. Shisha blowing, hot pants, low cut blouse and body language like? To tell you the truth, my eye balls almost rolled out. What a cultural shock. I went like, is this Malaysia? Whatever, I sat  outside amongst them and from the menu featuring quite a lengthy list of items, I ordered Sambosak Lamb, Mango Lassi, Baklawa and Arabic Coffee.  

Up Next? Obviously, eating and drinking. Sambosak Lamb? Mnced spicy lamb filled in crispy pastry rolls. Cute adorable darling looking rolls which tasted quite nice. Whether dipped into the chilli sauce or not and between the chicken or cheese fillings you can opt for as well. 

Mango Lassi? Sincerely, worth mentioning. Thick, slushy, creamy, not overly sweet and fresh burst of mangoes. Super good.    
Thereafter, I took a eating breather for 20 minutes before requesting for Baklawa and Arabic Coffee to be served. Baklawa. Filo pasty decked with a mix of nuts, scented by spices and totally soaked up in thick sugar syrup. These Middle Eastern sweet delight? Not a letdown, but extremely sweet until I only finished up 2 pieces. That too literally forcing myself, and the balance 3. I wasn't shy in packing back. 

Finally, Arabic Coffee. Ohhhh! Coffee for this number one coffee lover and this Arabic Coffee? Haven. Cardamon scented coffee and sugar served separately. Utterly, a coffee winning formula. I made sure every drop went into my throat. 

Another meal in Restaurant In House (RM38.50)? Why not if I come this far again. Appreciated food and appreciated service with a smile.

A2-G1-05, Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas 1
Off  Jalan Duta
50480 Kuala Lumpur


  1. gosh....lovely. Just had arabic buffet this week.

  2. The bak lawa was simply superb, although super duper rich in taste.

  3. i love arabic food .. even i have loads of arabic cuisines in my daily routine, and many restaurants around .. this look nice .. :)

    She Exists

  4. I'll take your leftover looks fabulous!

  5. Sounds delicious! The coffee is exquisite! I'm sorry the service started to wane.

  6. Hi thanks for all the comments, I am still drooling over the baklawa.

  7. Ate there few days ago, service was not there, gave us plates so small that our rice kept falling out.

  8. Your food look like very yummy and delicious one day i will come in this restaurant...