Sunday, August 28, 2011

Restaurant In House - Arabic Cuisine (Solaris Damansara)

Solaris Damansara is definitely not the area I frequent, but for some reason or rather, I had to come over. Wish I can tell you why, then again, sometimes some matters are best kept within us instead of openly announcing to the world. Anyway, that is that, after settling whatever I had to do, I opted for lunch in Restaurant In House - Arabic Cuisine. I sat outside, menu came almost at once and I ordered between their quite a whole list of items, obviously its Arabic food. While waiting, I couldn't help but notice the haling and exhaling "Shisha", listed on their menu as well. God only knows whats with "Shisha", please don't ask me, I know nuts about it, neither would I like to find out. Maybe, in the near future, for the time being on this day, I was only keen in filling up my tummy. What baffled me was that its not only the older generation who were blowing white flying smoke, believe me, youngsters these days, in their teens, are more advance than me and you. They sure knew how to blow, including the sweet young dollies. Cultural shock! Yes, for me especially, nevertheless, instead of wasting my time watching them, I got busy with eating. By then sambosak lamb and mango lassi had arrived. Later, baklawa and Arabica coffee.

Sambosak is a close uncle of fried spring rolls and between the chicken, lamb and cheese filling, I opted for lamb. Crispy and crunchy pastry and minced lamb tucked inside.  These rolls were lovely to be eaten after just a gentle dip in the chilli sauce. Sauce however was a loser. Wish it was home made, but this I think store bought sauce, didn't go down well with me. Rather sweet instead of spicy. Definitely not to my liking.
Mango lassi on the other hand is worth mentioning. Yes please. Loved every straw of it. Creamy, thick and I bet it must have been pure mango. Refreshing punch. Super good.    
Baklawa too didn't let me down. Pastry sheets decked, filled in between with scented crushed peanuts, and totally coated with sugary syrup. Indeed, this Arabic delight as a once a while sugar treat is a sheer delight. Still, I only managed to finish 3 pieces,  2 pieces went to waste. I should have packed back, but that would have been corny, I mean, packing back 2 tiny pieces.

Then came the coffee. Ahh!! stylishly presented. Just so heart winning to look at, cardamom flavoured coffee, and sugar served separately, it gave me the feeling I am up in the Arabic moon. Coffee definitely was a winner, I gulped down every bit of it.

Lunch came to end within 45 minutes, I paid RM38.50  and left -

A2-G1-05, Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas 1
Off  Jalan Duta
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. gosh....lovely. Just had arabic buffet this week.

  2. The bak lawa was simply superb, although super duper rich in taste.

  3. i love arabic food .. even i have loads of arabic cuisines in my daily routine, and many restaurants around .. this look nice .. :)

    She Exists

  4. I'll take your leftover looks fabulous!

  5. Sounds delicious! The coffee is exquisite! I'm sorry the service started to wane.

  6. Hi thanks for all the comments, I am still drooling over the baklawa.

  7. Ate there few days ago, service was not there, gave us plates so small that our rice kept falling out.

  8. Your food look like very yummy and delicious one day i will come in this restaurant...


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