Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dragon Fruit and Coconut Jelly

Dessert time everyone. Back to a Malaysian dessert of course, back to one with agar-agar and coconut milk and obviously, dragon fruit. Only god knows why and what not, dragon fruit seemingly is the desirable fruit of these days. Never heard of it when I was younger, but now, dragon fruit is a big plantation business for customers purchasing power. Two types. The red flesh and white flesh dragon fruit. Nevertheless, unless you cut open up the fruit, you won't know which is which,  and unless its labelled. Otherwise, you will end up like a blind bat like me. Supposedly I'm suppose to buy the red, ending up I bought the white. Duh! Still, when you are like ready, steady and go for making a dessert with it (Pandan Milk Jelly), the show must go on right? Sure. So, here it is. Dragon Fruit Coconut Jelly. Enjoy everyone while I catch up on my nap.

15g seaweed/agar agar - soaked in water for 1/2 hour
1/2 cup thick coconut milk
500g (about one medium size fruit) dragon fruit flesh (cut and keep a few cubes aside. The rest gently gently mashed) 
Sugar (as per taste)
Mint leaves (sliced thinly) - optional
Simmer the seaweed with 3 cups of water until it dissolves.
Drain and pour back into the pot.
While it's simmering, add sugar.
Stir to dissolve and heat through. 
Once done, off the heat.
Cool it down for a while. 
Divide into two portions - 3/4 portion stirred with the fruit. The other 1/4 portion with coconut milk. 
Into a mould or a few smaller moulds (any size you prefer), add the cubed fruits. Pour the coconut mixture on top or equally portioned if using small moulds. 
Let it set.  
Then pour the dragon fruit mixture. 
Let it cool down and if you like it chilled, place in the fridge. 
Before serving, sprinkle mint leaves on top. 


  1. How very interesting! I love that there is coconut in this!

  2. These turns out great. You looking for red dragon fruit? ARe you from some where near SS2? Every thursday there is a pasar malam at Chow Yang. At the corner nearest to the play groud there is a lorry/van that sells dragon fruit. VEry cheap. Sell by plastic. 1 plastic btw 8-10 fruits RM10. Just now bought some. And guava too. Very big size rm5 for 6.

  3. I've never tried dragonfruit before, but this looks so good!

  4. Kucing - thank you but the problem is from the outer, I can't seem to figure whether its red or white flesh.
    Peggy - am not sure whether you can find it at where you are, but it worth the try.
    Thanks Cindy and Ravi, appreciated your comments.

  5. I love the looks on that desert.

  6. Very nice recipe...looks so good...

  7. So very unique! You always give us something different, thank you.

  8. What a beautiful dish. I love the addition of coconut milk. Nicely done!

  9. Nava...I think dragonfruit is so pretty. But you know...I like the white dragonfruit is really elegant as well. This jelly looks and sounds amazing! : )

  10. I love dragonfruit esp chewing on the seeds. Send some over to me, Nava! Make it a basket!!

  11. Appreciate the time all of you have taken to leave the comments here.

  12. Those are ace! And i think the mint is most definitely a great addition :) Buzzed!

  13. Gosh! I love this. They really look like the real dragon fruits.

  14. Love the idea, perfect for the season!!!


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