Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rice Vadai (Fritters)

There will never be an end to my rice story. Rice is the one I must have everyday regardless where I am and what I do. I bet maybe I can include you as well ah? Where are you Malaysians? Rice is your favorite right? Of course, so to speak on your behalf (Ghee Rice & Nasi Dagang). Vadai out of cooked rice? How to make these crispy on the outside and soft bite inside rice vadai? Please read on followers of "cook with nava-k". Take care.

1 1/2 cup of cooked white rice
1/2 cup all purpose flour.
2 red chillies - remove seeds and sliced thinly
1 (about 80g) onion - chopped
2 stalks coriander leaves - chopped/sliced into fine pieces
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp cornflour
salt and pepper to taste
oil for frying

Add water (about 1 1/2 cups) into the rice.
Stir and cook over low heat till mushy but with some grains still intact.
Remove and let it cool down.
Mix in all the other ingredients except oil.
Combine and shape the sticky dough into round flat balls. 
If the dough is sticks to your hands, wet hands first before shaping.
Deep fry until dark golden brown in color.
Drain over kitchen towel and its ready to go into the mouth.
For extra taste and flavor, dip into any type of sauce you like.
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  1. Now THIS is the type of fritter I'm talking about. The ones I made were alright, but they didn't really pack the flavor I was looking for. Definitely like this recipe :) Buzzed!

  2. This remind me a little of Italian Aranchini, those wonderful little risotto ball. These are spicier so more to my liking..

  3. Oo my hubi loves this. Always buy from ss3 pasar mlm

  4. hi nava, this is a great vadai recipe. it is one of my favorite fritters, especially the curry taste.
    my blogger friend ayeesha just email me yesterday, she will do guest post for me - also on a vadai fritter but of slightly different ingredients from yours :)
    most likely hers will be published friday next week, that means your cheese write up can be posted around wednesday aug 10th. so you still have time to do it and many thanks for your positive and kind response on this. take care.

  5. These sound delicious. We used to make fish or crab cakes and bulk them out with rice, it also made them hold together better. The Italians do it with left over risotto too. I like your spicy version better!

  6. I dont know whats with street food, they all taste great

  7. Love all the lovely comments everyone, I am not sure whether you can find this version I made from rice although the other types are the common ones.

  8. Congratulations on making Food Buzz's Top 9! I am SO happy for you - this was a terrific recipe!

  9. Congrats Nava for making FoodBuzz Top9!! I love vadai.. this is definitely a new version too. Must really try this out. Cheers, Jo

  10. Wow, this is definitely a new one to me. I love vadai and have made it with dhal only. I must share this recipe with my mother. Thanks for sharing with us. : ) Congrats on making Foodbuzz Top 9!

  11. delicious..... thank you for the share!

  12. i love these deep fried rice patties. yours sounds so flavorful. perfect with a light salad.
    thanks for sharing and congrats on top 9

  13. thanks so much for the continuous support all my great friends.

  14. Wow! This is such a great idea! Now I know what to do with leftover rice.

  15. This is such an amazing idea!! I couldn't even think of trying anything like this! Looks so delicious! :)


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