Thursday, July 21, 2011

Restaurant Murni (Taipan 9, USJ, Selangor)

Still unforgettable, the first ever Murni at SS2. Well, I was among the many who throne Murni for their sensational nasi lemak and teh tarik, the biggest deal was more than being seen by others, but sitting at the roadside or pavement till the wee hours and tucking into a meal was akin a ritual after clubbing. Strange though, for reasons I can't exactly nail, everyone preferred to sit outside, leaving the inside dining area bare. Those good old days soon became flimsy once I gave up night life, furthermore, once we shifted to the quiet Kota Kemuning area, I didn't dare drive, especially at night after a few drinks.

Lately, my other half-half have been harping on Murni after tucking into their nasi goreng cili padi/fried rice with birds eye chillies at Murni Sunway. Of course, memories returned again, we then came over to Murni Taipan for a dinner meal. Murni has been upgraded. Better ambiance, the best of it all is order taking via PDA, I surely was impressed, additional, their menu spilling over with aplenty choices. We opted for  "I Love You" mocktail, hot barley, nasi goreng seafood and Murni nasi lemak. Within the next 10 minutes, we were served. A concoction of soda, ribena, nato de coco, lychee and a lemon slide, mocktail with its burst of sweetness and tanginess did wonders on my tongue and throat. 
Similarly, hot barley was a pleasant drink to wail off the heat from my other half-half's body.
Fried alongside rice, sotong, ikan bilis and red chillies, atop with crispy fried sotong and served with mussels, cucumber and tomato, the hearty portion of nasi goreng seafood fared pretty good. Lacking in spiciness, we called for cili padi in soy sauce.
Murni nasi lemak - coconut milk rice, paired alongside prawn petai (stink beans) sambal, spicy fried chicken, plain sambal, egg, cucumber, fried peanuts and anchovies. Hailed. Crispy fried chicken should be praised, for its crisply outer layer and tender meat, spicy petai sambal forever is my love and when eaten with rice and the rest of the condiments, wah! surely my kind of food.
RM30.00 for this dining experience in Restaurant Murni? Why not, we didn't have any qualms in paying. 
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  1. Wow, this looks like a terrific restaurant. Lucky you!!!

  2. Normally I will go to Murni Discovery..but same menu..

  3. Aiyak...the other night I wanted to eat nasi lemak. Cari-cari cant think of a place for nasi lemak. This one looks delicious. Must remember this the next time I crave for nasi lemak.

  4. Oh, WOW! That looked amazing! I would eat anything (barring allergies) that you have pictured!!

  5. Hi everyone,
    It was a glory for me and the nasi dishes is about RM10.00 only, worth the money for such a big portion with yummy taste.

  6. ya..the foods are nice there but the service are bad...i had the bad experience at ss2 and sunwaymas branch...but haven't try it at subang...hopw the service will be better :)

  7. I always love Murnis foods. However the one at SS2 is always packed. Didn't know there's another murni at ss2!

  8. The place is always packed and sometimes we may not have the same experience of the service. Suppose it depends on who is serving us.

  9. Looks like you guys found the place. I think Hot Barley is more complicated than I love You :D


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