Friday, July 1, 2011

Pumpkin And Salted Fish Curry

I'm back with lotsa love ladies and gentlemen. I'm back with a recipe ladies and gentlemen and I'm not going to twist and turn your head neither my head by starting with a long grandmother grand story.We'll hit the road straightaway to grab the recipe. Remember the salted fish mango sambal and papaya sardine curry? Did any of you try? Why not despite all the assurance I have poured into those dishes? Never mind, late is never too late for anything, today, its this pumpkin and salted fish. Tad bit of sweetness, tad bit of sourness, tad bit of saltiness and a whole lot of spiciness. Keeping my fingers crossed so that you will try it. I see some smiles.Thank you followers of "cook with nava-k".

1/2 (abt 300g) pumpkin - remove skin and cut into chunks
120g thread fin/kurau salted fish - soak for 20mins, rinse and cut into medium size pieces
1 tbsp fish curry powder
1/2 lime - extract juice
1/4 cup oil
Salt for taste
Parsley/coriander leaves for garnishing

To blend/ground (for a thick paste)
5 garlic
1/2 inch ginger
5 shallots
1 (abt 100g) tomato
2 stalks coriander leaves
2 tbsp cooked white rice

Mix  curry powder with the paste.
Heat oil and fry until aromatic and oil floats.
Pour 3 cups of water, stir and simmer.
Once heated through, add pumpkin, salted fish and lime juice.
Season with salt (if needed)
Simmer to soften pumpkin and salted fish.
(Note; both should cook at the same time for the same soft texture)
Heat through, remove from heat and combine in coriander leaves.
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  1. what type of salted fish? Is it Ikan Talang?

  2. Looks like a really good curry

  3. tempting fish curry ..i love salted fish..i'll definitely try adding pumpkin next time


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