Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FACE FACTORS Clinic - Solaris Dutamas

Every woman, or even man, deserve to be pampered, especially those like me who multi task. More than enough going on in my life, until sometimes my plate spills over with more than I can handle. Then again, life is such, for the better or the worst, we want the best, or maybe not even the best, but a comfortable life. Subsequently, for all that we strive, which sometimes feels like we have been hit by a domino fall, one thing does lead to the other, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I get up and treat myself. Spa. Oh-such-a-love, on this day, at the invitation o Face Factors, thank you so much, what a perfect timing, just when I really yearned for a pampering session, mentally and physically, instead of adding more stress to my already massively stressed up life by driving to an unknown area, I flagged down a cab from Subang Jaya. But the cab driver made it worst because he was clueless on the exact location of Face Factors. Akin a wild goose chase, I had to figure it out myself, I did it, I managed after asking around.

Stepping foot into this clean, well set up and relaxing ambiance, I introduce myself to the pleasant therapist. Thereafter, ushered to the treatment room, I changed into the disposable undergarments and surrendered myself on the bed. I couldn't definitely take pictures, so I basically relied on my instincts, the therapy was also kind enough in picturing this lymphatic drainage therapy package. Once treatment started, she explained each step before proceeding to the next.
My body was wiped with warm water, next was gently applying "Slenderizing Anti-Cellulite Oil", followed by Himalaya Dead Sea Salt for scrubbing, softening and de-toxin, later, tightly wrapping my body. For the next half an hour, I relaxed until she returned again to scrub off the sea salt, before again wiping my body.

Aroma oil massage was the finale to this lymphatic drainage therapy. Rather intense, quite a rough and tough pressure message, I guess that's how it is to release stress. One last wipe for getting rid of the oil, prior to I got dressed and returned to the reception area.

Drinking a glass of plain water is essential after such a treatment, I thanked the staff and left. Did lymphatic drainage treatment made me feel a whole lot better? Of course, as if loads of my stress burden been thrown into the sea.
D3-G4-2, No 1, Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas, Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  03-62053508

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  1. such a affordable price.. i wlasy get lost in solaris dutamas.. =.=

  2. I felt great after the treatment, did wonders for my stress.


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