Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vazhakkai Podimas/Plantain Crumble

A side dish today. Yes ladies and gentlemen, don't you think we need a side dish if we are, especially we the rice eaters of Malaysia (Ghee Rice/Nei Choru & Jeera/Cumin Rice)? Of course, you can't possibly eat plain rice just like that unless you are from outer space or never-never land? Side dishes by far, as far as I know should be the pairing, at least a single type and we must also have a main dish right (Egg Rasam, Spinach Dhal Curry, Indian Vegetable Curry, Vegetarian Mutton Curry, Mixed Vegetable Soup & Indian Tofu Curry)? Utterly. Undeniably. So then, what's in store for us today? Obviously, I am certain you have already noted, its Vazhakkai Podimas, aka Plaintain Crumble. Remember, I have already introduced Plantain Chips? That's right everyone. Today, we are going to use the same bananas for this podimas. Steamed or simmered green bananas, thereafter skin cleared out and crumbled. Followed by stir frying crumbled plantain alongside curry leaves, turmeric powder, mustard seeds and dried chillies. This version of mine, as always, Nava K like to differentiate her recipes (Dum Aloo, Red Cabbage Thoran, Beans Thoran, Aloo Gobi, Tofu Green Beans & Four Angled Beans Tempeh), I added pistachios for the crunch. I have spoken and I have said, the point to deciding or pondering over Vazhakkai Podimas/Plantain Crumble is sincerely yours. 

3 (abt 370g) green unripe bananas/plantain 
5 shallots - slice
50g roasted pistachios (without the skin)
(Note: can consider peanuts or cashew nuts) 
4 dried red chillies - cut or snip into smaller pieces
3 sprigs curry leaves
1 tsp turmeric/kunyit powder
1 tsp lime juice
3 tbsp oil
Salt for taste

Peel bananas and simmer with enough water and turmeric to soften.
Remove, drain off the water, cool down and gently crumble or mash up.  
Heat oil and when heated, saute shallots.
Add pistachios, dried chillies and curry leaves.
Stir together for a minute. 
Add crumbled bananas, pour lime juice and season with salt.
Stir for a couple of times over high heat and dish out.

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  1. hope to try out this recipe one of these days

  2. Plantain is one of my favorite sides! I think adding the pistachio is an awesome idea :) Buzzed

  3. I like plantains this is new way to try them thanks.

  4. Lovely... I am just done with some raw banana kofta curry


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