Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grilled Salmon

If you are beginner to salmon, in other words, you have not much explored salmon or have not cooked before, let me show the way. The cooking way of course (Malaysian Indian Fish Curry, Chilli Soy Fish, Fried Kembung Assam Sauce & Ikan Pari/Stingray Sambal). Salmon unlike our local catch. They pretty much don't need much messing around in terms of ingredients. All you need? Some seasoning of dried oregano, dried mint leaves or other suitable dried herb, plus some crushed black pepper, salt and a tiny bit of oil for pan grilling (Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf, Otak-Otak Grilled Fish Stuffed With Sambal). In fact, can be done in a jiffy and a dash of lemon juice atop grilled salmon. My-My!  

2 (abt 200g) pieces salmon
1/2  tsp dried oregano
1/2  tsp dried mint leaves
1/2  tsp crushed black pepper
1 tbsp oil
Lemon wedges
Salt for taste

Sprinkle and rub oregano, mint, pepper and salt on both sides of  salmon.
Heat the portable grill and drizzle oil inside.
Grill on both sides for a crispiness on the outside.
Dish out and serve with lemon wedges.


  1. One of my favorite fish and your correct it does not need much seasoning

  2. I love this,salmon is my favourite!!Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very easy to prepare yet so scrumptious! Love it!

  4. Was really great in taste I must admit.

    Thanks everyone, love your comments.

  5. That looks lovely! I've a grill, I'll be trying this out very soon.

  6. The picture makes this look very tasty. Like the simple ingredients and easy preparation. Great post!

  7. I definitely love to let the salmon flavors shine - and you did just that! This sounds so good =)

  8. One of my favorite. The question is where do I find Salmon where we live now. Our only option is to eat out.

    Nice recipe tho!

  9. hi nava,
    salmon ! one of my favorite. i just eat with lemon and black pepper...: " pesche lemone'
    must be nice with oregano
    i also like smoked salmon sandwich. with the best of veggie and i am hungry. why dont you share this recipe with us.. thanks

  10. Hi everyone,
    great comments and love it.

  11. I love salmon, it is my favourite fish. Grilling may be simple but I guess this is the best way to fully enjoy its flavour

  12. i haven't tried salmon yet.. isn't this expensive fish?

  13. yep Yatie, slightly more than the rest.

  14. My favorite fish Salmon this is a recipe I will have to try thanks.


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