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Coconut Flower (Teluk Gong - Klang)

When my cravings for crab started, it was hard to find a suitable place to have it. I didn't want to go back to a seafood restaurant in PJ as the prices are exorbitant and the taste is about average. A friend who stays in Klang recommended this place. According to him, it used to be a small hut selling toddy (fermented coconut liqour) and it got its name from there. In Chinese the drink is loosely translated to coconut flower. He said the prices are ok and service is quick. So we crawled through traffic and braved big trucks before arriving to the place.

The restaurant is huge but you won't see much of it from the road. It has lots of huts for dining privacy and even a two-storey area for presumably, a banquet. The friend did the ordering and it didn't take long for the food to arrive in droves.

First to come was the fried sotong. I was half expecting it to be coated with salted egg yolk but it wasn't. It had some kind of herb-ish flavour and the squid was nicely cooked. Somehow I think this was just average in taste.
Next was one of my favourites, fried prawn paste. This was delicious and it finished after making a round among fellow diners. It wasn't too chewy and the flavour was just bursting in my mouth.
Next up was the sweet and sour fish. Normally I like my fish steamed but since this came recommended I happily ate it up. The fish tasted fresh without a hint of fishiness while the sauce had some kick to it. It also reminded me of mum's cooking. This is a must-have too.
The bamboo clams has got to be the biggest I’ve seen so far. I'm not sure what style it is cooked in but the gravy has a nice taste to it. However, because of its size, the meat was not as tender as the smaller clams were.
Lastly was the crabs. It was done kam heong style and was placed so far away from me ecause I would selfishly have it all to myself. For a table of 9 we had three juicy crabs. The kam heong was spicy and tasty. The crabs however were huge and fresh. By the end of it, I was so stuffed I could hardly move.
The guys also had a jolly good time with the toddy. It has a white milkish texture but tasted sour. It also has a foul smell but some reckon it is an acquired taste. To offset the sourness, some of them mixed the toddy with Guinness Stout which I think it is more palatable. The bill came up to about RM300.

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant,
702, Jalan Udang Galah,
Kampong Teluk Gong,
42000 Port Klang.
Tel: 03-3134 1218 


  1. Oh..I love seafood.........

  2. Looks like u'd a feast, Nava! The food suits me, love everything but I think I'll give the Coconut Flower drink a miss. Hahaha!

  3. Wow thats what you call a meal, I love them all. I miss food trips like this in Malaysia with friends.

  4. Woah!! All are my favorites too!! I love seafood!! yumm!!

  5. been there. Must go thre again. Food was nice

  6. very interesting,that is why I love coming here.

  7. appreciate all the comments and must agree it was worth the try.

  8. hi nava. i wanted to put comment on your latest post-tempe and oyster sauce, but yiour comment box evrlapo so badly, cant even see it. may you need bigger spacing/paragraph..give it a try

  9. Maznah - blogger is having some problem with the comment box as other bloggers are also experiencing the same.

  10. how much the price?

  11. Hi, the price is stated in the posting: Rm300.00


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