Friday, April 8, 2011

Dum Aloo

If there is Chilli Aloo or even Mysore Bonda, there must be Dum Aloo right? Or maybe I must also include our Malaysian Spicy Potato Ikan Bilis? Most probably. But this Dum Aloo. No. no. Not the standardized kinda. Its actually the Malaysian version to a Dum Aloo. Why? Potatoes (Aloo Gobi) stir fried alongside lemongrass and chilli paste, dried shrimps, tomato and of course, we need shallots and curry leaves. A winning Malaysian cooking formula right? For a vegetarian version, do the right thing. Omit dried shrimps.        

3 medium size potatoes - simmer till soft and cut into medium size pieces  with the skin on
3 tbsp dried shrimps - soak in water for 10 mins, thereafter drain off water (omit for a vegetarian version)
I medium size tomato - slice thinly
4 shallots - slice thinly
2 sprigs curry leaves
4 tbsp oil
Salt for taste

To blend/ground (chilli paste)
4 red chillies
2 lemongrass

When oil is heated, fry dried prawns till crispy.
Remove and keep aside.
In the same oil, saute shallots.
Add chilli paste and tomato.
Cook till oil splits  and for a thick mushy paste.
Add potatoes and curry leaves.
Keep stirring until gravy dries up.
Add fried prawns and season with salt (use sparingly)
Give a couple of stirs and dish out.


  1. wow...what a lovely recipe....I hav never used lemon grass before.....can you tell me if it goes well in non veg dishes ?

  2. i don't think I've had spicy potatoes yet.. picture looks appetizing...

  3. waiting u to teach non spicy food :)

  4. Sonali - yes, can be added into non-veg dishes for the fragrant.
    Sharlot - very easy to prepare, do try out.
    Karen - will post some non spicy soon.

  5. This looks amazing..I'm gonna try it out :)

  6. Yes Sharon, do try and your feedback is appreciated.

  7. So yummy and full of flavors.. Loved this

  8. Looks so yum full of spice n flavour


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