Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bumbu Bali (Bandar Puteri, Puchong)

Bumbu Bali. Most probably, in fact if I am mistaken, Bumbu Bali is the birth of Waterlily Balinese Bistro and Ole Ole Bali. The same family members maybe. Correct me if I am wrong. Wrong or right, lemme tell you about our dining experience in Bumbu Bali. A family gathering. 7 of us in Bumbu Bali and Bumbu Bali, is all things nice Balinese concept. Including the dishes you will see listed on their menu. Aplenty choices mind you and trust me, if you are first timer in Bumbu Bali, you will bounce back and forth on what to order because, everything is equally tempting. 

We on the other hand decided to call for the drinks first before and while at nailing the dishes.
Barley lime
Ice chocolate 
Hot mocha
Hot Lemongrass Tea 
Rosehip Salted Plum

The standout amongst all these drinks had to Hot Lemongrass Tea coming with a peanut biscuit. Mum definitely didn't care much about the biscuit, but she sure praised the drink. Awesome scent of lemongrass and the best part of it all, sugar served separately. The other drink worth being mentioned is Rosehip Salted Plum I sipped into. Subtle hints from fruit of rose plant, sweetness and sourness definitely working in tandem as an appreciated pleasure. Up next, within the next 5 minutes or so? Food tucking in.     
Grilled Garlic Bread. Basically, the grilled version to garlic bread. Somehow, any garlic bread for the matter, is always a delight for nibbling? This one, didn't let us down either. 
Apple Sesame Coleslaw. Not bad. The other door to the standard cabbage coleslaw. Thin stripes of apples, mayonnaise and roasted sesame seeds atop.   
Ayam Goreng Bumbu. Crispy fried chicken pieces, accompanied by fried potato and a spicy dip. Fried chicken and fried potatoes and kids? Tell me about it? They will never complain.  
Bumbu Seafood Platter. Grilled prawns, grilled squids, grilled fish and potato chips, salad and a brown sauce for dipping. Plus, a piece of watermelon. What and what not? Enjoyable. Nice. Except that sauce was rather salty. 
Nasi Kambing (Lamb) Bumbu. Yellow rice, lamb cooked with green capsicum, red capsicum, shallots, spices and coriander leaves and spring onion garnished. Plus, long bean kerabu (salad), two dipping sauces and fried fritter. Like a wonder hearty meal. Nothing no could be faulted. 
Bali Trio. Fried chicken wings, lemongrass grilled chicken, fried squids, salad and three dipping sauces. Another winner among the kids. I told you? Frying will always make kids happy and we adults too didn't mind.      
Nasi Campur Chicken. Another rice wholesome platter. Almost the same as Nasi Kambing Bumbu, except for the white rice and sambal. 
Lamb Paste. Oh my goodness. Became a favourite. Pasta, lamb, chillies, spices, capsicum and crispy fried shallots in a thick gravy. Delicious 

Were we done yet? No. Me being the hero, I called for ES Campur and Pisang Bakar to be shared amongst us.  
ES Campur. Ice Kacang Balinese style. Shaved ice, coconut milk, colorful fruits, dried sugary coconut strips layered in a tall glass. 
Pisang Bakar. Grilled bananas in coconut milk, palm sugar syrup and coconut strips. Really sweet desserts. But we managed to finished off.  

All in all, Bumbu Bali didn't fail us (RM300.00) though I think we ordered more than we can handle. Logically then, instead of wasting, we packed back the balance. 

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  1. The food there is awesome but a little bit pricey...

  2. got to agree with you on the pricing.

  3. Nice. Been there before.

    You like Bali food? Then checkout this one http://food.malaysiamostwanted.com/venues/the-uma-kota-damansara.

    Fren recomd to me. Havent been there b4 but my fren tapau the satay like meat for me. Very tasty. Pedas with a lot of spices. Thought maybe you would enjoy it too.

  4. i thought you went to bali.. nyahaha. food looks delicious. i'm salivating from just looking at it.

  5. The food was great I must admit.
    Kucing -thanks for suggestion, will check when possible.

  6. The portion is so huge and it is so tempting..
    By looking at the picture, I am hungry now and the time is 12.05am..omg..
    By the way, thanks Nava for drop by and comments in my blog.. Thank u., hope to hear from u soon.

  7. owh...seafood platter all time favourite

    thefye.com <<<click me if you free

  8. I've always wanted to go to Bali btw, and the food really look appetizing....:) Thanks Nava for sharing...:)x

  9. hi nava- the food looks delicious especially the lamb. The bill is reasonable considering the amount of food ordered- :)

  10. ..nice trip... and those foods watered my mouth...(T__T)...

    good day.


  11. Mix comments on the price of the food here - I think its subjective what is pricey and what is affordable to us.

  12. The shaved ice looks yum! I'm a ice dessert fan! :D

  13. wow.
    it is do tempting.
    hope to get there soon.

  14. Woah RM300 is REALLY pricey!

    But the food looks great.

  15. Che-Cheh - as mentioned, pricey is subjective, to each its own.

  16. I have never been to Bali but would love to visit someday :)


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