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Restoran Oversea - Subang Parade (Subang Jaya) - Non-Halal

Colleagues come and go. Some sincerity "go-go" whereas those who keep harping how unhappy they are, they rather instigate others to go and eventually, they will sit among the rest of the permanent fixtures. This colleague of ours really submitted, yes, I typed his resignation letter. So, we, don't know if everyone was feeling sad, or some slyly were rejoicing quietly because he is leaving, the three of us took him for farewell lunch in Restoran Oversea. A similar concept as in every other Chinese restaurant, and since Chinese New Year season is still flying up in the air, we started off with Fruit Yee Sang. Truly flying high tossing. Cuttlefish, pomelo, strawberries, crispy crackers, aromatic thinly sliced herbs and sauces jolted high up. Lovely. Yee Sang. Always appreciated once a year. We sure did. Beautiful burst of sweetness, sourness and of course, crunchiness from crackers, oh-my. 

Roasted Pork. Crazily crackling on the outside and tender crumbly meat inside. Gosh! All swept cleaned within the next few minutes.   
Braised Tofu. Wobbly tofu and mushroom soaking in soy sauce gravy. Subtle tastes yet quite appreciated. 
Glass Noodles Stir Fried. Sticky al-dente noodles stir fried alongside, black beans, mushrooms, tofu, tofu sheets and cabbage. A fulfilling dish.  
We then tackled the Lamb Ribs. Tender and juicy lamb ribs in dark sauce, tad bit of frozen mixed vegetables and attractively plated alongside salad leaves, tomato and spicy flakes. One for each one of us instead of the standard serving as all for one dish. Walla! A winner.  
For dessert, we slurped into red bean sweet porridge and black glutinous rice sweet porridge. Both cooked in similar manner, sugar and coconut milk obviously. Nice.   

Our verdict? Taste-wise, price wise (RM275.00) and customer service vice-versa? Praise worthy.  
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  1. Roasted pork is my favorite dish among everything shown here btw. I always like to eat it with its special chili sauce.;)

  2. Hi Jorie, agree with you on the chili sauce. Taste awesome with it.

  3. Small Kucing - thank you so much for your comments.

  4. That roasted pork is really hard to resist! I also remembered those tofu when I lived in Malaysia was a mainstay in my plate during lunch time, they really are delicious.

  5. Thomas - thanks for the great comment.
    Angsarap - thanks for the comments, yep, the roasted pork is really hard to resist.


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