Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pandan Jelly With Coconut Milk

Nothing like a jelly made from our Malaysian ingredients. And our Malaysian ingredients (White Fungus Ginkgo Nuts Chinese Dessert) for this jelly making? Coconut mIlk, palm sugar, pandan leaves and of course, our jelly to a certain extent is made from agar-agar. Of course, you can use jelly powder, but I decided it will be agar-agar. Pandan Jelly With Coconut Milk. Make and you will find out for yourself what a sweet Malaysian delight it will be.    

1 packet (abt 38g) seaweed/agar-agar - soak for about 1 hour to soften and squeeze out the water.
60g palm sugar/gula melaka - cut into pieces
10 pandan/ leaves - add about 1/2 cup of water and blend to extra the juice
1/4 cup coconut milk

Simmer 1 litre of water.
Add agar agar.
Cook to melt/dissolve and keep stirring.
Strain and separate into 3 equal portions.
Add pandan juice into one, the other with palm sugar and one more with milk.
Stir well.
Into a container or tray, pour the palm sugar mixture.
Pandan mixture over it.
Then the milk mixture. 
Gently swirl with a chopstick.
Let it set and cut into pieces or chill first.


  1. oooo...good idea. Normally i put Pandan extract only. Sometimes coconut milk. Didnt thought of gula melaka

  2. When i first see picture, wow! I wanna to learn it. And then follow up by, JELLY! I must learn, sweet!!! Thanks :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your recipe looks very simple to make and yummy too. Have a nice day!

  4. Hi Nava.k,

    Nice to meet you here.

    You seems like very good on cooking with the relevant ingredients needed.

  5. Hi....

    I see you are good with the ingredient for foods

  6. wow...ur recipes r so uniqque...luv ur space very much !

  7. ..i've never seen a recipe like this before or maybe i am just too lazy to explore...hehe.. but it looks great and tasty... i kinda look like a leche plan sliced into pieces... haha... ^^

    good day!


  8. Hi everyone,
    thanks for all the lovely and welcoming comments.
    Not that a great cook but its about experimenting and finding out.

  9. Hi..

    Looks yummy with perfect shape!!! Love them...

    Thanks for visiting my blog your comments are most appreciated.. Happy following your blog..


  10. Wonderful jellies you have there, Nava!
    In the Philippines, we commonly use "gulaman" bars in making jellies, which is made of dried seaweed (agar-agar). The procedure is basically like yours, but we use evaporated milk instead of fresh milk.

  11. Nava:
    This is an easy and yummy party treat to prepare especially for kids :-P
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hey Nava, send some over pleeeeeeese! Yum :)

  13. Tina - evaporated as well as coconut milk is also fine.
    Yin - thanks you.
    Shirley - if I over to where you are, will make and bring for you.

  14. Its nice to see recipes like this which is nearly similar to a recipe in the Philippines, it shows how different neighboring countries share a lot in common. We have the same recipe but it is drenched with cream sauce with shredded coconut meat, its called buko pandan

  15. The jellies look awesome and you are good in writing an intro!!!


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