Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spicy Crab Portuguese & Local Cuisine (Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam)

The discovery for the day. In fact, discovered by other half-half as he was driving around Kota Kemuning and the discovery which brought the whole family together for dinner later in the evening. Almost 20 of us being seated in two separate tables, and owner personally coming by for taking our order. Owner made it a point in recommending most of the dishes, and we. We basically handing over our food trust at his helms. Within a wait of five minutes, out came the dishes from the kitchen and what's next. Let's eat to glory.   

Grilled Eggplant. 
Garlic Kailan. 
Chilli Crab. 
Nestum Crab.  
Nestum Prawn. 
Butter Garlic Scallop. 
Grilled Siakap 
Prawn Otak-Otak  
Chilli Onion Tamarind 
Chilli Tempoyak 
Sambal Belacan 

My-My. What an array of Portuguese dishes. Spiciness and sourness of course must be in tandem for Portuguese dishes? You bet. Did we enjoy this lavish meal? Yes, we did. Each and every dish cooked accordingly to how they should be represented. Nothing no could be faulted, except the spiciness of the dips some family members couldn't take, yet overall, we awarded high marks. Such a joyful wondrous fresh catch seafood dishes and role play of various authentic Portuguese tastes. 

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  1. Is it a new shop? I know the former steamboat shop. My friend stayed in Kota Kemuning too so I would be there sometimes (:

  2. I think so you may be right, this shop is really new. Nice food.

  3. Most of the dishes were great, everyone liked very much.


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