Thursday, February 10, 2011

Restaurant Al-Salam Maju (Nilai, Negeri Sembilan)

If at all I am in Nilai, a meal at Al-Salam I look forward to. Having been here a couple of times, essentially it is for their nasi briyani and mutton chop/bone marrow curry between the aplenty of other choices like the prepared dishes for rice and the usual roti canai, tosai, murtabak, rojak, mee goreng and tea time snacks. Service is also quite fast and efficient because usually there are enough staff waiting around to serve you in the another mamak style restaurant. For a rice meal, it is the same concept  - walk to where the dishes are and pick what you want.  

For our dinner, I had egg briyani with mutton bone marrow curry, sambar/dhal curry and stir fried yellow cabbage whereas half-half opted for plain rice, long bean-carrot stir fried and one whole fish head curry. For drinks, we ordered carrot juice, tea tarik and two glasses of sky-juice. 
The briyani rice was nicely cooked, grainy and flavourful while the sambar was thick-oozy with chunks of brinjals, carrots and potatoes. Mutton bone marrow tender to its core with the oh-la-la spicy fiery curry. Equally smacking was the fresh big fish head drenched with the delicious spicy curry.

The veggies dishes were simply cooked yet tasty and certainly, nasi briyani another feature here you should try and the curries were absolutely mouthwatering. This meal for RM26.00 (inclusive of the drinks) is pretty much affordable but when we returned again on another day, seemed like the prices has gradually shot up.  

Al-Salam Maju
Jalan BBN 1/2B (corner lot)
Bandar Baru Nilai
Negeri Sembilan.

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