Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chili's (Empire Subang)

Chilli's in Empire Subang. I don't think, I doubt you will have a hard time spotting which is Chilli's. On the ground floor itself and once you have entered Empire Subang and you walk just a distance towards the right hand side, Chilli's (Serai Empire and Lameeya) Bold prominent signboard and spacious, classy dining area. Why did I end in Chilli's? Lunch with a close friend and she suggesting  Chilli's. Why not. After all. My philosophy to food spotting? You never try, you never know. Instead of getting carried away by what others share, write and speak? Into Chilli's just as they were getting ready to welcome customers, we sat and menu popped up at once. Oh-My! Aplenty choices until we didn't know where to start. Eventually, we have to decide right? Can't be staring at the menu forever? What did we order? Pina Chilada, Triple-Dipper, Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken, Loaded Potato and Ice Lemon Tea (free refills).

Up next? Of course, pleasuring into food and drinks while catching up on each other. Pina Chilada. Thick creamy banana smoothie, atop with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a cherry. Goodness. Such a rich, sweet and filling smoothie. Did I enjoy it? So-so. Whereas, the ice lemon tea my friend sipped into? She loved the chilled, tangy and sweet burst. Thereafter, we tucking into Triple-Dipper. Egg rolls, chicken crispers, buffalo wings, celery sticks and 3 types of dipping sauces. Crispy on the outside and veggies tucked inside egg rolls, plus crispy fried wings I must say were quite a delight. Furthermore, when dipped into the creamy sauces before eating, said it all. An American style tummy happiness. 
Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken. Breaded fried chicken stripes, paired alongside sweet corn on the cob and fries. Not bad. Crispy crunchy chicken stripes dipped into honey-spicy sauce. Corn and fries? You can make at home.
Loaded Potato. What a mistake. Crispy fried beef atop? Beef. Definitely not for Indians like us. Nevermind we thought. Gently scrapping off as much as we can, but baked and cheese atop potato by itself. Almost and so close to eating a rock. Duh! 

How much did we pay? RM83.85. Were we satisfied? Overall, this American way to a meal actually was quite enjoyable.   
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