Saturday, January 1, 2011

Victoria Station - Taipan, Subang Jaya

Victoria Station is still "forget me not" until today. Back then years ago, we kept returning again and again to the first Victoria Station at Medan Damansara during the "love is in the air" courting years for the train like romantic ambiance, attentive service and Western food. While the sincere and imperfect love is still going strong after settling down for donkeys years, dining however at Victoria Station we have cut down drastically because saving became the priority.  

Nevertheless, those many-many moons romantic memories were rekindled as we agreed to dine at this outlet. Upon arrival, the chilled beer perked up the exhausting day and then we ordered lamb cutlet and lobster thermidor


As we sat back and recalled the fond memories, within 10 minutes or so, food arrived - the forever humble bun with butter, lamb cutlet and lobster thermidor. The bun half-half finished off while I slowly started tucking into the lobster.
Lamb cutlet platter consisted of three pieces of juicy and nicely cooked meat, jacket potato, boiled corn and vegetables. The cutlets were delicious whereas the potato and veggies further filled up the tummy. 
The lobster thermidor platter - generous creamy and rich cheese over the succulent lobster, paired with mushrooms and the same jacket potato, corn and simmered veggies for a pleasing wholesome meal.   
To a certain extent after all these years, food is still good and service should be applauded as well. However as always meals at Victoria Station has never been cheap and now, much more higher (RM210.00)

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