Saturday, January 1, 2011

Victoria Station - Taipan, Subang Jaya

Victoria Station. Unforgettable. What a start it was to our courting days and of course when we are courting, its all nice restaurants unlike once love and lust dust settles down. Once love reality bullet catches up on us? Tell me about it. I can still remember. Victoria Station Medan Damansara romantic dinners while staring at each other non-stop. Not once mind you. In fact, until much of their menu we have already explored when love was in the air. Love I think, most probably is still there. Maybe not in the air but, love on the whole? Catch it if you can. After like 7 to 8 years down the road, we made a comeback to Victoria Station. To this Victoria Station in Taipan. Our first time ever here. Pretty much the same ambiance. As though you are dining in a moving train if you like imagine, or otherwise, stalled train. 

Anything new in Victoria Station?  Nothing much. Menu still the same. Mostly Western dishes and alcohol is still on the menu as well. Service wise, we were attended to once we sat. What did we order? Chilled beer, lamb cutlet and lobster thermidor.
Beer. A beer is a beer even if you pay more compared to cheaper in coffee shops and within 10 minutes, food being served. The forever humble bun accompanied by butter, and lamb cutlet and lobster thermidor. Bun story has to be the normal food story right? Nibbled prior to tucking into the mains?
How did food go with us? Lamb cutlet platter consisting of three pieces of juicy and nicely cooked meat, plus, jacket potato, boiled corn and vegetables. Cutlets must be praised, whereas potato and veggies did their job for filling up the tummy.  
Lobster thermidor platter on the other hand? Unselfish portion of creamy rich cheese atop succulent lobster, paired alongside mushrooms, and also the same jacket potato, corn and veggies as for lamb cutlets. Not bad. I don't have anything bad to say. Really.    
Should I say food is still goody in Victoria Station after all these years? To a certain extent, yes, but be prepared to pay. Victoria Station have never been cheap anyway (RM210.00). 

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