Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tom Yam Chicken

Oh what a mouth watering Tom Yam Chicken (tom yam fried mee hoon). Making you hungry right now right? Even if you tell me no, sorry babe, I'm not going to pull down and thrash this recipe. Why should I? I cook for my family and my family love it each time this tom yam chicken unveils its true--sincere-nothing to hide Thai flavors. To those of you who think Tom Yam Chicken is not your cup of Masala Chai, I'm so sorry. Wait for the next change of dish then. Meanwhile to all you tomyam lovers, enjoy every bit of this tom yam chicken. Fried chicken in a thick. home made tom yam gravy, made with Malaysian herbs, also tipped in coconut milk and scented with kaffir lime leaves.

I medium size chicken (cut into bite sizes, mix with 1 tbsp kunyit/turmeric powder and salt. Fry in batches, remove and keep aside. 
To blend/ground:
1 inch ginger
4 shallots
1 serai/lemon grass
4 garlic
1 tomato
1/2 inch lengkuas/galangal
5 red chillies (or as  needed)
3-4 birds eye chillies/chilli padi (optional)

Other ingredients:
5-6 kaffir lime leaves (tear into smaller pieces)
1 tbsp Mae Pranom Thai chilli paste
1/4 cup coconut milk
5-6 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

When oil is heated, fry the blended/grounded ingredients till aromatic and oil splits.
Pour in the coconut milk, add fried chicken, mae pranom paste, lime leaves and salt to taste. 
Stir to blend all the ingredients together. Simmer to thicken the gravy. 

Dish out. 


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