Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vietnam Kitchen - Bukit Tinggi Jusco

Back again to Aeon Bukit Tinggi (Nyonya Delight) for the obvious valid reason of shopping. Actually, it was so much easier this time because we knew where to park and we also knew where to buy what. As always, after shopping, food is essential before returning home but having no clue what to eat, we walked up and down within the floor where most eateries are. But after 15 minutes, I didn't want to walk any further, so I literally forced my half-half into Vietnam Kitchen.

Despite the Malaysian choices on the menu, half-half continued fussing because he doesn't eat pork and chicken. I on the other hand didn't pay attention to him and ordered the chicken chop set and basil passion soda drink. Well, eventually he had to order. Reluctantly he called for the claypot fish set and sky juice. Before anything else,  a small serving of boiled peanuts was brought over - nice for exercising the gums and teeth, done and over within a couple of minutes.
Thereafter, arrived the the drinks and mains. I liked the basil passion soda drink - so refreshing and so soothing until I almost finished it off but the main has to be tackled first.
The drink put aside and I tucked into the chicken chop set - flattened crispy fried chicken, a bowl of rice atop a fried egg, a bowl of soup, two pieces of fried rolls, a tiny portion of pickled veggies and a spicy chilli dip.
Except for the tender soft chicken which tasted al-right after dipping in the spicy sauce, the rest basically were to fill up the tummy - just average simple taste. I was hungry, so I eat. The clay pot fish set consisted of the same stuffs. Certainly impressively presented, as though flown directly from  Vietnam. 
After eating, my other half had other valid reasons to fuss about - the sauce was tasty but the fish wasn't really fresh, also over cooked, thus mushy. Definitely returning again with him to Vietnam Kitchen is out of the question. I may not agree 100% yet I agreed with him that food was not anything special and RM53.70 inclusive of RM2.00 for the peanuts I think is cut throat.  

You will find Vietnam Kitchen at
F12, 1st floor, AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre
Bandar Baru
Bukit Tinggi Klang.

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  1. Bad service & lousy attitude
    we ask for meal a the waitress give meal b, and we request for change the waitress show face to us, even the manager didn't apologized to us, not even a word. and order hot tea, gave me cold tea.

    till the last, when paid, was short-changed, and they don't believed us thought that we were cheating.

    one word : Poor.............

  2. thanks for sharing your experience here, nothing much to shout about though.

  3. food is good the services are good especially a waiter name's Eddy. Your services are very good. ^^


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