Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant - Sunway Pyramid

My hungerness after 3 hours of walking up, down, in and throughout Sunway Pyramid. In fact, while still debating whether I should head home as I walked out of the mall, at the spur of the moment, I told myself. What the hack. Better for me to have a meal instead of containing my hunger and into Bubba Gump right at the side of me. Literally empty. Except for the one Mat Salleh guy sipping beer at the bar, no other customers were anywhere to be seen. Service popped up at once and this young guy who attended to me became my food hero for suggesting Chicken Burger and Mango Sparkler. Saved all my time instead of flipping the menu listed with aplenty choices and me still can't decide what to order. 

Bubba Gump! Honestly, I didn't know the head or tail of it. Maybe I've heard before, but seriously, I was blur. Spacious and rustic ambiance, and option between dining inside or outside, and me later figured out about Bubba Gump after reading whatever that caught my attention and while at the menu as well. Bubba Gump. An American seafood restaurant chain, inspired by the movie Forrest Gump. Okay. Noted. Then again, didn't really matter because hunger was really killing me until once Mango Sparkler arrived, I at once strawed up almost half of it.     

Mango Sparkler (mango, orange, lemon-lime and lemonade in one). Oh-gosh, doing major justice for quenching me thirst. But, as per say, plain water would have been equally good when you are dying of thirst? Instead of this quite pricey chilled drink? Regardless, in all fairness, I did though appreciate the chilled burst and sweetness of mango sparkler.  
Subsequently, once Chicken Burger was placed on my table, I  started nibbling. I nibbled some of the fries, coleslaw and pickled cucumber, plus, I took a bite or two of the grilled chicken patty atop burger bun, shredded veggies, cucumber and oozy cheese. How? Such a huge portion for a small eater like me? Taste-wise, I gave a pass and requesting the balance to be packed back.  
Another return of Nava K to Bubba Gump after this meal (RM40.50)? I don't know. Meanwhile, I shall stick to McDonalds.  

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  1. It looks like a set of mcdonald lunch set to except for the coleslaw XP