Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant - Sunway Pyramid

After almost 3 hours of walking around the mall and shopping, I was almost on the verge of dropping. Certainly not because I blew up my credit card but hunger was unbearable. Well, I should have paused with shopping and tucked into a meal. But no, I waited until 2.30pm and then only quickly tried to decide where lunch should be. Anyway, the only place I could think of was Bubba Gump just as I walked out from the entrance of the mall and towards the left side. The menu came so quickly and I almost dropped again. I just couldn't decide what to order from the wide selection of food and drinks. Upon the suggestion of the waiter, okay, I'll go for the mango sparkler and chicken burger.

So, I sat back, took a deep breath and had a good look at the cosy, rustic and woody ambiance. Bubba Gump I later read before writing this review - established after the success of the 1994 Film "Forest Gump" starred by my favourite actor, Tom Hanks. Well, says it all on the deco with a combination of Southern atmosphere and memorabilia from the film.   

The "Mango Sparkler"(mango, orange, lemon-lime and lemonade juices) arrived and I quickly gulped down almost half of it without realising I have to eat the chicken burger as well. Quite a big portion, grilled chicken with oozy cheese, salad leaves and tomato in the burger bun and accompanied with fries, pickled cucumber and coleslaw.
Honestly, I eat so little of the burger, munched so little of the fries and didn't touch the cucumber and coleslaw. Well, I couldn't eat because my appetite has pretty much vanished. Perhaps if I didn't gulp down the drink, I could have at least eaten half portion of the meal. Anyway from the little food that went into my stomach, I can say that chicken was moist and tender and the fries were basically batons of deep-fried potato.
So, the balance packed back and even back home, after a good rest, I couldn't finish up. I then concluded - this is my not kind of food and RM40.50 wasn't cheap. Next time, McDonalds burger it will be. 

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  1. It looks like a set of mcdonald lunch set to except for the coleslaw XP


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