Monday, November 8, 2010

Portuguese Pickled Vegetables

Quite a spicy power house pickle. The Portuguese style Vegetable Pickle (Salt Fish Pickle). Where did the recipe fly from? From my Eurasian friend. She making vegetable pickle for Christmas and me of course, not only I dive in, I also bring back a bottle home. Anything special about this Vegetable Pickle? Don't know if I should say special, but I can assure you that its quite a stand out. Especially the green chillies which would have soaked in the vinaigrette as the days goes by. In fact even the rest of the vegetables, my favorite is still green chillies. Making Vegetable Pickle. Like getting ready for two days earlier, or maybe when the sun is alive and kicking for drying the vegetables. Thereafter, we get moving to making. Sliced, dried vegetables tipped into the simmering vinaigrette and then, a quick toss or turn, before switching off the heat. Once, cooled down, bottle up vegetable pickle and store in the fridge and? Of course, anytime you need a bit of this vegetable pickle for your rice meals.  The choices to vegetables? Pretty much, I think you can consider other vegetables besides the ones I have listed below. 

1 white radish (slice thinly)
1 zucchini or cucumber (slice thinly)
Rinse, pat dry and mix with 1 tbsp of salt, place of a flat tray and dry in the sun to dry up the moist.

Other Ingredients
1/4kg green chillies (break into 2)
1/4kg shallots 
3 whole garlic (break into cloves & remove skin) 
2 inches ginger (sliced)
20 birds eye chillies (optional) 
Other Ingredients:
2 inch ginger (slice - for frying)
1 bottle vinegar (300ml)
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp turmeric powder
2 tsp mustard seeds (crush and blow off the skin)
1/2 cup oil
Salt to taste

When oil is heated, saute garlic to release aroma. 
Pour in vinegar, add turmeric, sugar and salt.
Simmer till just a boiling point.
Taste to balance the flavours.  
Off the heat, add the prepared ingredients - veggies and chillies.
Stir a couple of times.
Cool down before bottling and storing in the fridge.


  1. So many chili :O

    P/S: I supposed you're unbanned alrdy. Hope you're okay alrdy (:

  2. This looks amazing and delicious like to use a wok to stir fry.


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