Monday, November 22, 2010

Restoran Dragon Star - Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya

Situated across the main road and occupying a corner lot, Restaurant Dragon Star is apparently a star for authentic Chinese cuisine, with option of dining downstairs or upstairs, Yet to be known to me, whether Dragon Star is really a star, I will find out within, most probably the next 1 hour, not before going round and round in circles to secure a parking spot. We parked at the back narrow lane, not sure if its allowed, but I guess since its a Sunday, and presumably that customers have swelled in Restoran Dragon Star, we didn't have any other choice. Sure enough, when we walked in at about 7.30pm, downstairs dining area was packed, the same scenario as well upstairs where we sat. Service came at once, we called for the dishes, we waited while sipping into Chinese tea and then our food venture started.

Crispy and crackling on the outside and tender soft meat inside, albeit pork ribs is regarded as a sinful dish, its my favourite. I especially love the fats, never mind if my cholesterol level is gonna rock and roll my health later, I didn't hesitate in helping myself. Cooked akin the same style as in other Chinese restaurants, pork ribs was not a letdown.
Next was healthy steamed soy sauce cod fish. Soft and melting the moment you bite in, garnished alongside spring onion and coriander leaves, cod fish seemingly was the preferred choice for my other half-half and the couple we were dining with. Clean, lean and mean, steamed cod fish was delicious.
We then tackled the simply garlic stir fried choy sam/green veggie and sotong/squid salted egg. Simply cooked green leafy veggie is always a sheer pleasure, whereas something was not really right with sotong. We couldn't exactly nail why, sadly, none of us wanted eat after just a mouthful. behind.

Singapore fried mee hoon was definitely a tummy filling hearty dish. Fried alongside seafood and julienne julienne vegetables, subtle yet inviting flavours, fried mee hoon was appreciated.

Paying RM210.00 (4 adult and one kid) for this dining experience in Restoran Dragon Star, its definitely not an affordable meal. Honestly, to tell you the truth, no doubt food didn't let us down, but it wasn't like the best among the rest.

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