Monday, November 1, 2010

Oma Podi

Instant again? Yes, instant like MURUKKU.  Ready made store bought flour for Oma Podi and mum making again. Unlike those days, when mum had all the strength under the sun and moon, these days, I must still give her all the due respect for still making Oma Podi. Shall we make this my mum's version instant Oma Podi? 

1 packet oma podi flour (500g)
25g butter
200g fried/roasted cashew nuts (add more if you like)
1 bunch of curry leaves (fried till crispy and gently crush)
200g fried/roasted peanuts (more or less or as you like)
Oil for frying
Plain water (as needed)
Salt as needed

Mix flour, batter, salt and enough water for a thick dough.
Heat up oil.  Put enough dough in the mould and press in a circular mode over oil. 

Fry until light golden brown, remove and drain excess oil.
Lightly crush and mix in nuts and curry leaves.  
Store in air tight container. 


  1. Ammas oma podi looks delicious dear. Am already following u Nava.

  2. This one's my all time favourite snack... always bought it... too tough to make at home... Loved your Mum's pic :)


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