Monday, November 1, 2010

Oma Podi

The MURUKKU I hope you have noted or at least seen. As said then, instant or pre-mixed flour it has been for the "must have" Deepavali "goodies, for the fact mum definitely has aged and its sad to see her now. From being the super mum who parked herself in the kitchen and been on the toes almost 24 hours caring for us. it breaks me up how she has slowed down tremendously. I can't be wicked can I? and insist she makes oma podi or the crispy addictive snack from the stretch. So, she is comfortable with the ready made flour and why would I make as though its the end of the world. After all, its a convenient way and in the end, we love oma podi and anything mum makes.

1 packet oma podi flour (500g)
25g butter
200g fried/roasted cashew nuts (add more if you like)
1 bunch of curry leaves (fried till crispy and gently crush)
200g fried/roasted peanuts (more or less or as you like)
Oil for frying
Plain water (as needed)
Salt as needed

Mix flour, batter, salt and enough water for a thick dough.
Heat up oil.  Put enough dough in the mould and press in a circular mode over oil. 

Fry until light golden brown, remove and drain excess oil.
Lightly crush and mix in nuts and curry leaves.  
Store in air tight container. 
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  1. Ammas oma podi looks delicious dear. Am already following u Nava.

  2. This one's my all time favourite snack... always bought it... too tough to make at home... Loved your Mum's pic :)


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